Friday, December 29, 2017

Donald Trump's Beauiful Chocolate Cake and Oil to Pyongyang Party

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you remember those April Fools Days of Jared Kushner bringing dictator Xi of China to Marlargo for a billion dollars from the Peking communists for his 666 bad real estate deal, where Donald Trump over beautiful chocolate cake told Xi he was tomahawking Syrian innocent for Ivanka, as Ivanka's child serenaded the Chinese is commie songs?

Remember how Donald Trump stuck it to the Russians after this, and bent over for dictator Xi on North Korean policy as Trump vouched that Xi was such a great guy?

Trump, Xi talked Syria strike over 'beautiful' chocolate cake

Apr 12, 2017 · Trump said he informed Chinese President Xi Jinping about air strikes he authorized in Syria over the "most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you've ...

Remember how the Lame Cherry exposed first that North Korea was the front line against America, to tie up resources and score a propaganda win if Donald Trump was stupid enough to follow Herbert McMaster's nuclear war in Asia option?
Remember how this blog said to make peace with Russia and to never trust China?

Well look at who just got caught shipping crude oil, which amusingly is probably from American oil wells as China has access to South America and Donald Trump is shipping your crude overseas and bragging about it all, to North Korea?

Yes the beautiful chocolate cake policy of Donald Trump, who just told the Chicoms everything America was going to do against Kim Jong Un, has China aiding their communist ally and being exposed in playing Donald Trump for an absolute fool!!!

After a report claimed China bypassed sanctions on North Korea, President Donald Trump warned that type of behavior would block a “friendly solution to the North Korea problem”:

So you comprehend this, Donald Trump pissed away the 6 months America did not have, in wasting the entire year of 2017 AD in the year of our Lord on fake Obamacare repeals, fake tax breaks for real nuclear and pardoning Jewish slave traders, as John Kelly helped rig the election against Roy Moore out of the White House, that Mr. Trump's foundation policy of placing everything on China was at the best misguided. What is worse in this is Mr. Trump is now trying to blame China for a nuclear strike on North Korea from America.

Do not buy that bullshit of Trump happy days, in Bank of America and ATT handed out tax deductible 1000 dollar bonuses, as you know foreigners work for those conglomerates if you ever called their customer service, so that is not for Americans, this is Americans being screwed over as Trumpflation is robbing every American.

So you get this, China is dumping American oil into North Korea, and that means everything North Korea is not supposed to be exporting is flowing into China, and ending up being purchased by Americans. Nothing has changed, except you are being screwed by China in higher prices for contraband rare earth minerals.

As China was caught red handed, who was it that was caught with Egg Fu Yung on their face? That would be Donald Trump in this is his responsibility, his disaster and his failed policy.

But it's ok as Trump's Ukraine is about to explode in a larger war, a nuclear war when the time comes.

I will repeat this, as it means absolutely nothing now as the time was squandered by Mr. President and there is not any turning back, that this blog created a time line where Russia and America would cooperate, which would solve 90% of America's foreign policy problems, and contain the other 10% problems by marginalizing China. It all could have and should have been peacefully easy, with minds like Stephen Cohen guiding the Russia policy. Now America has a Russian adversary and Chinese enemy that knows all of American foreign policy as Donald Trump shared that with the commies.

But who is Mr. Trump's problems? Christians like Roy Moore and Paul Nehlen.