Wednesday, December 6, 2017

This Means War

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When was the last time you heard or saw a recruitment to join the United States military? You have not as they have disappeared. There no longer are those Obama era redneck radio ads trying to get White kids to go die for the globalists, so what is the reason for that?

The reason is demographics as was reported in for the next 20 years America is going to have an expansive swarthy skin population of genetic rejects to propel commerce in consumers consuming and to fill military ranks.

So ask yourself the reason for this?

Smoked pot and want to enlist? Army issuing more waivers...

As you have not been  tracking this, and only this blog has reported that the US military was converted by Obama to an assassin corp and now the political officers have converted the military to Special Forces psychotic assassins murdering each other in Africa or running away into the bush to be executed by Muslims, while Uncle Pentagon dopes the regular military with "die with a smile pills", there has been a deliberate change in the United States military by design.

The Air Force can not fill it's pilots ranks, as the educated are fleeing the sodomite fox holes, as no American wants to part of what the military has been perverted to in this live fire operation.

In understanding what the military has been bastardized to and how it is not winning, and how the reality is that this military is no longer a fighting organism which will produce victory, it goes back to what you are not tracking, in what the US military has in an expanding pool of uniform wearers, it is in this fag service, expanding the refuse of humanity in lowering all of the standards from women in Special Forces and Command Positions to absolute genetic and mental rejects.

Now why would the US military be engaged in this from a period starting in 2017 AD in the year of our Lord?

Recruits, Military Breathe Easier with Relaxed Asthma ...

Recruits, Military Breathe Easier with Relaxed ... the military services now accept recruits who had childhood asthma but have ... The new policy has been a ...

Air Force Expands Medical Waivers, No Questions on Prior ...

The Air Force is looking to expand its ranks in part ... they go to a military ... he or she was disqualified from military service under DoD policy.

Army Expands Program With Fast Track to Citizenship

The U.S. Army is expanding a controversial program ... Army Expands Program With Fast Track to Citizenship ... the program will accept Deferred Action for ...

Military to allow undocumented immigrants to serve - USA TODAY

Military to allow undocumented immigrants to ... will expand an existing program allowing ... and have basically grown up in the United States, ...

Review the above. The US military has platoons of non Americans, vermin who can not understand English, whose culture is Jesuit and Muslim. The US military is recruiting those with mental disorders, physical disorders and those who are addicts.
Put it this way, if your child was in the US military, would you want them in a unit where half were stoned, half were sex perverts, and in that mix were foreigner deviants who think raping and traitorous actions against you, as they throw down their guns and run, leaving you to fight the Russians and Chinese, is something that you want your child exposed to?

The Lame Cherry is going to inform you what no one else is, and it is a troubling reality. The US military is filling it's ranks with human fodder. Most of you are nice ingrates in thinking you are going to Heaven, when hell awaits you, but you are not quite devious enough to actually War Game.
War Games are societal equations like you want to start a war, so your Pentagon gets more funding, and the place your generals retire to in conglomerates get multi million dollar jobs. But it is bigger than that. Because if Obama is in power, he wants to kill off all the White kids who vote Republican, and put darkies and women into command positions, so they can retire and run for Congress as "heroes", if they do not run off in the African bush and get killed by Muslims for being cowards.

You should probably get the drift in this that in Obamacare rationed death, the United States has far too many spacetaker psychotics which have no profit in them. The Pentagon does not wish to kill off it's elite psychopaths which they have spent a million dollars brainwashing, so when a war comes, the cartel factors in how many "boots on the ground" will be needed to " absorb bullets from rifles" in far away places, or more to the point, how many swarthies and dopers will be necessary to station and expose to biological, chemical and nuclear fallout, and then the Pentagon will pretend another Agent Orange did not happen or Iraq Vaccine Flu which kills thousands, as that would cost money, and it is easier to just send them to America and dope them up as homeless people or pill pop them in their government housing until they suicide out.

What the Lame Cherry is telling you is the US military has for the past year been deliberately expanding it's ranks  of dregs of society. They do not expect this trash to fight, and as the military is not into the kindness business, it means the US military is creating a fodder pool for a nasty as hell war or wars.

Remember David John Oates in reversals had Obama, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton all talking about scorched earth in Europe. That war against Russia has not gone away and is what is behind Russian fake news. Donald Trump  has not helped in this in the least in signing onto McMaster WMD wars and rhetoric, as America has a Kushner war in the Mideast with Iran, there is McMaster's war in Korea and then there is that sleeper war in Ukraine.
At present the Trump Tanks in Poland are supposed to keep Russia out of Europe, probably because Melania does not want her homeland scorched. That means the fodder have nuclear Iran and nuclear North Korea to die in. That requires troops stationed in toxic areas during and after a war.

There can be all the talk of war and bluff, but when the Lame Cherry notices that the US military has created a fodder pool, that points to a pipeline of humanity to be expended, and that effort would not be engaged in, which is at least one year old, unless there was a 2018 or early 2019 AD in the year of our Lord window for some really toxic warfare, which requires expendable boots to die.

History shows from Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, Kuwait, 9 11, that there is a large scale event which drives to a war. The odds are that Americans are going to bleed in volume to enter into an operation of nuclear proportions. There will have to be a justifiable slaughter of Americans so this planned war or wars will have righteous indignation, as the "other side deserves it" and we really do not care if these dregs in the military were fodder as it was all necessary.

The indications are this means war as that is what is being prepared for, in the dregs will have to be stationed somewhere which is toxic and rid America of these DNA degenerates.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter as no one else will point these things out due to not being Holy Ghost Inspired and they have all sold their souls to the cartel and are employed to herd you to the easy bake ovens.

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