Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Nuclear Snuffing to the Wind

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The world has never had a situation where structures were being attacked by nuclear weapons and an immediate response is necessary, so that no one knows if missile defense will be viable as will soldiers stay on station with melted retinas due to a nuclear blast.

- Lame Cherry

In a following post of This Means War, we are faced with the dichotomy of those who desire to spread the illusion of nuclear war and those who desire to profit off of the delusion of nuclear war.

You must understand in all of this Putin and Pyongyang and Peking nuclear missile rattling, that the stakes are too high to fight a nuclear war or have one progress to that stage. The days of huge armies are over, as it does not assist the cartel to train millions of men who will then have guns to cause a revolution. No the real money is in expensive weapons, black operation programs and the inevitable nuclear bomb and defense manufacture. This is about money, a Star Trek computer war where no one gets killed, but they all show up dead in electronic terrorism in the Mockingbird, which provides the excuse of looting treasuries for booty.

Put it this way, if the cartel had to bake bread, it would take a trillion loaves to make a trillion dollars. It is just easier to manufacture dud F 35's and THAAD weapon's systems,  as it concentrates the finance or farmers and truckers in bread think they have a say in how things are run.

William Perry even got in on the act as a former SecDef trying to scare everyone and being the only one who knows Putin is bad and only peace can come from William Perry.

He stated in a speech on November 28th at the National Cathedral in Washington DC, that “inexplicably to me, we’re recreating the geopolitical hostility of the Cold War, and we’re rebuilding the nuclear dangers,” and he went so far as to make clear why "I believe that the likelihood of some sort of a nuclear catastrophe today is actually greater than it was during the Cold War."

None of you have figured this out, that Kim Jong Un was seized upon by the DIA which backed Donald Trump as the 9 11 event which did not have to happen, for trillions of dollars in profit in Rayetheon defense contracts.

All it takes is beautiful Kushner cake in Mar Largo, China providing systems to North Korea, and poof, you got Kim Jong Un the thermonuclear terrorist, who sends up a missile every once in awhile to sell the John McCain Pentatutes (war whores) to get all that defense money as Nom de Deus, we got not just Obama Hawaii firing off air raid sirens, but now we have to spend trillions on the defense of California which is trying to get out of the Union.

Exclusive: Pentagon evaluating U.S. West Coast missile ...

... to site the Terminal High Altitude Air Defense System on ... the THAAD anti-missile system made by ... California as well as the Aegis system ...

For a reality check in this, seriously if you asked 49 other American states what they would think if Pyongyang launched on California, and the answer would be "I'll bring the popcorn". No American like New York, Chicago or San Fran, and yet this is what America spends trillions on protecting.

Look I would like to tell you that McMaster's wet dream of nuclear war is what is on the books in all of this slight of hand about North Korea, but you will notice that China quit being aggressive, so it means deal maker Trump gave China something.
I heard a most interesting tale that I did not catch the source, but it was Peking who installed Kim Jong Un's uncle to keep KJU as he was nuts the Uncle told Peking, and offered to put the half brother in charge while the Uncle ran the show for Peking. Un was told this by hardliners  in Peking, and Un blew his Uncle to bits with a mortar cannon and then in public did a perfect assassination job on the half brother.

All is not what it appears in the east and never has been. You can find a more likely war in the Mideast so Jared Kushner can then install Jew peace from the Vatican. Do not forget that the Trump's left the Christians out and went whole hog on the Muslims, Jews and Catholics on his first trip on how to divide up the Mideast.

What you are looking at is nuclear terror profit without the war. Nuclear bombs are the perfect bin Laden as no one understands them and being dirty they force populations to spend a fortune on things they will never use.

North Korea is not ever going to first strike on America, as Kim Jong Un does not want to rule from a bunker. Kim Jong Un wants one thing and that is to rule a united North Korea and to stay in power now.  Nuclear things are just the dog barking in the yard, and Kim knows you do not unleash the dog as it gets shot and then the people with guns come for you.

In that, Donald Trump has Kim bouncing about right as everyone thinks Kim has a bullseye on his back and more to the point it makes the gang in North Korea start thinking they could be dear leader or regent of Kim Jong Tot.

This is about selling weapons systems. Could something go wrong? Yeah but that will be planned too and the prominent location at this time is the Mideast as that is where Jared Kushner is snuffing to the wind.

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