Sunday, December 31, 2017

Wag the Donald

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As no one else is pointing this out, there is a definitive link between the Las Vegas Massacre of October and the American and Jewish funded unrest in Iran. The points of this are:

  • Donald Trump in reverse speech by David John Oates stated Las Vegas was the start of world war.
  • The matrix upon inquiry was pointing to Iran and Hezbollah, with Latin contractors.
  • It is evident the FBI was tracking weapon's sales which were CIA generated to trace weapons flow  into America to terrorists.

David John Oates in reverse speech has been finding the same Desert Wind, or Storm.

Now behind the scenes the United States military has just come under the direction of Tel Aviv for the enforcement of Greater Judea.

For the Piece of Jerusalem

 The decision has already been made that Americans are going to die for this policy, which is a nuclear policy of thermonuclear Iran, and a policy which will erupt terror Jihad all across Europe and the United States.

What is damning about all of this, is that Iran has been using nuclear blackmail far worse than Pyongyang for years. The communists of Iran were installed by British MI6, supplied with nuclear technology by the KGB to counter Saudi Arabia, which currently has the Pakistani bomb, has American nuclear bomb making materials, and Donald Trump just cut off all military aid to nuclear Pakistan, creating another Muslim nuclear enemy who will use nuclear weapons upon America.

The worst condemnation is Barack Obama set up the Iranian resistance in that revolution so Tehran could murder the opposition as Obama blew up the Mideast. Now by the drop of a hat, Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu have erupted violence in Tehran again. So you understand this, this all could have been accomplished years  ago, before Iran went nuclear, so why did not Bush fam free Iran, as the same funded opposition that is there now was there then.

This is more of the way the real world operates in Americans get slaughtered and robbed, while the conglomerates make fortunes, and America does nothing but bleed.

The Lame Cherry will not be led into this Mr. President Rah Rah for the betrayed Persians as none of this is United States policy. It is all cartel policy.

The Lame Cherry gives you a scenario which the seers spoke of and it would make sense.

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu cause civil war in Iran, and almost win. Iran under treaty with Russia, pleads for Russian intervention, which storms across the Caspian basin and rolls into Iran, slaughtering the Iranian opposition.
The Americans to save face for their soon to be defeated allies with Saudi Arabia, become involved militarily. Russia does a sweeping movement to clear out the American bases from Kuwait to Saudi Arabia.
The Jews hide behind their wailing wall as they are not going to die for their policy, nor Americans or Arabs. The Jews do though in the chaos blow the bajesus out of Damascus, Lebanon and Gaza to deal with their problems.

The United States is humiliated and Russia establishes an alliance with Iran expand to civil unrest in Europe. In the meantime, Trump inflation skyrockets, as Mr. President has sold the oil and gas to Europe, Americans are raped financially, the stock market plunges and as Mr. President wasted all of 2017, except for removing Christian Roy Moore, has no recovery, has only more debt, more rationed Obamacare debt, and no tax relief for any Americans.

This is what Wag the Donald looks like and is. In order to engage in what Donald Trump has been led into by Robert Mueller's witch hunt, he needed a stable economy, that means falling energy prices and increased national supply and AMERICANS employed, not pouring in more foreigners to replace Americans. The simple odds in this, is that this Wag the Donald is not going to bode well for Americans. There is less than 1 out of 10 chances that this will work. That means 9 out of 10 chances for more Vegas strikes, nuclear terrorism, nuclear war, war in the Mideast, more refugee displacement, civil war in Europe and a humiliated America hiding behind her ocean walls.

America need a Russian ally to pull this off, not a Russian antagonist which Donald Trump is responsible for. Welcome to Trump Year 2018 AD in the year of our Lord, as nothing goes right for the United States when it comes to Muslims, Jews and nukes.

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