Sunday, December 31, 2017

What kind of Leper are you for the New Year?

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The Holy Ghost provided me with the following Bible reading and it is especially for Christians, because it is about a most devout and good man, in King Hezekiah of Judah, and reveals in his life just how bad things can become, even with good intentions.

The story of Hezekiah is he was a Godly man, but he soon noticed that God was answering his prayers. Hezekiah chose the wrong path in this, in not being humble as Martin Luther in stating he deserved nothing but wrath and death, but Hezekiah began stating that God answered his prayers, and he took pride in that.

God was very good to Hezekiah. When his nation was invaded, he called out to God with Isaiah the Prophet, and God destroyed the invading army. When Hezekiah was sick and near death, he called again, and this time God gave a sign of the sundial moving backwards 10 degrees.
Hezekiah did not want to die, because he did not have as son.  This is the verse which followed.

But Hezekiah rendered not again according to the benefit done unto him; for his heart was lifted up: therefore there was wrath upon him, and upon Judah and Jerusalem.
II Chronicles 32:25

NOTICE the verbiage in this, that the King did not render, which means a process of returning the same good to others as God had shown him. Instead Hezekiah thought he was 'the apple of God's eye" like so many Ashkenaz wail around with as an excuse for their Kushnerisms. and as result of this pride, God's wrath came upon not only the leader, but the entire nation.

25But Hezekiah gave no return for the benefit he received, because his heart was proud; therefore wrath came on him and on Judah and Jerusalem.

The preceding verse began with this death verse, and this is where the problems really multiplied as God spared this good man, gave him what he asked for, and in return a son was born named Mannaseh, who was thee most reprobate leader in all Judah. He literally murdered Isaiah the Prophet, by having him sawed alive in two in the Temple.
This son was pure evil and for this Judah was divorced by God and went into captivity in Babylon.

In those days Hezekiah was sick to the death, and prayed unto the LORD: and he spake unto him, and he gave him a sign.
II Chronicles 32:24

The lesson in this and the witness is what kind of Christian are you? Do you think like Cain that God owes you things, because you are so special? Are you grateful when God does things for you for the rest of your life or is their a limitation on God's miracles of a few years, a few months or a few days.
I once by God's Grace saved a woman's marriage by literally praying over him and his things, so that when he left he yearned for her, and when he was home, he did not want to be apart from her. That marriage is still together after around ten years, but the thankfulness ran about year 3 and I never have heard from this woman again.

So what kind of leper are you? Are you the 9 who left Jesus unthanked or are you the 1 who returned? When you returned, were you thankful for the day, or only thankful when you were being told the things you wanted to hear, and not the things which had to be said? Just how musts goodness are you doling out the world? You expect God to save your life at all costs, but how much cost is their really in the time you devote in prayer or other's needs, compared to what you expect?

How many tears are shed for others in prayer or are the tears only for you? How lavish are you in not sparing expenses on yourself, but you always find the cheap route with others of God's children?

I do not believe Martin Luther the Protestant was completely correct in his you deserve temporal death and eternal punishment, as the only thing that resonates with is people who are contrite and already beating  themselves up already. They need Grace, Kindness and Gentleness, not the fire and brimstone, but those that deserve a soulful whipping always are like Hezekiah preening about how much God loves them and appreciates them over all of those others sinners.

Just remember you high minded vipers, that in Hezekiah's life, he was a good man, but with pride, and he brought the wrath of God down on him and his nation. There is no pile of money big enough to bribe God, no army strong enough to stop God, and none of you have enough connections to turn back God's wrath once He judges you ungrateful for all He did for you.
It does not matter what miracles God performed for you yesterday. Today is the new day and if you are a spiritual son of a bitch today, that is the filth you are. No one gains Mercy or Grace from God for yesterday's goodness bartering on today's sin.

So what kind of leper are you entering the New Year? Of course the rich and powerful are already listing how good they are, while the humble are crying in their heart, convicted that they are never going to be worthy and it all depends on Jesus having paid for their sins.
Yes, Jesus never appears in the proud heart, but is always in the contrite heart in the first thought of all they owe to God.

So what kind of debtor are you? Are you the kind that thinks God owes you everything or are you the humble and contrite person who knows you owe everything to God?

It is a new year, so are you hauling your old self righteous self into that day, or are you being carried by Christ in knowing you can not do it without Him ever?

You sinners will be lying to yourselves and having forgotten all of this a few moments from now, as you are running to the hell you have chosen. You are of your father the devil and you are the spawn of lies. It all comes down to are you doing unto others in the kind of help God has given you when you were scared or dying.

Your actions will bring acknowledgment by God  in your giving Him all the glory for the actions or your actions will bring your condemnation and be ordered by Christ to depart as all you did was mirror the devil, instead of mirror the goodness of God.

What kind of leper are you for the New Year? Before you answer again with another lie, you should be aware that God is listening, that it is all being recorded and what you say will be used against you in Christ's Court of Judgment.

For the ungrateful and the grateful, let this be your prayer.

Almighty Father, everything that I am in any goodness is because of you. Help me to be the child You require me to be, being like Christ's example in helping others as You have helped me. Help me to repay Your Goodness to others as You have been Generous and Good to me. I  have failed, but Christ has succeeded. Wash me of all sin, renew a clean heart in me our God and restore a right Spirit within me, that I will be seared to self righteousness and never be that lost soul again, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen