Wednesday, December 6, 2017

would not this man make Ashley Judd nasty

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was watching the Rockford Files and there was quite the character on this program in he appeared 4 times in this series in being the forever bit part actor.

- White on White and Nearly Perfect (1978) ... Augusto DePalma
- Joey Blue Eyes (1976) ... Sweet Tooth London
- Counter Gambit (1975) ... Moss Williams
- This Case Is Closed (1974) ... Lt. Larry Pierson
 In this day and age of Harvey Weinstein and Ashley Judd making a career out of it.

The actor was called Eddie Fontaine, but in real life he was, Edward Reardon.


When you hear about Eddie, who looks like Patrick Swayze young or William Smith
, you will conclude just how limp dicked Kevin Spacey the pedophile was and how chocolate cock Harvey Weinstein is, as Eddie of the 20th century as not like these pimps in the 21st century of Obama.

Here take a look at this one:

He had previously been convicted of child molestation and grand larceny.  

See Eddie was the real deal. Dude was dicking kids and hauling in the big cash rewards. Face it in Spacey and Weinstein ain't even in the same league with Eddie. But before you get to worshiping Mr. Ed, you ain't heard nothing yet in the depravity of Eddie Fontaine.

The jury convicted Reardon of attempting to hire David Faircloth, a part-time country and western singer and former bull rider, to kill his estranged wife, Pamela Reardon, in 1983. Reardon was sentenced to four years in prison. According to Faircloth's testimony, the two men met at a Valencia nightclub and Reardon asked Faircloth to steal a truck and then run his wife off the road to make it look like an accident.
Faircloth told authorities about the alleged plot.

How about that for testosterone on both testicles pumping eh? I mean killing your ex wife for being a bitch, and not getting some dark skin from Africa or some tan skin from Sicily, nope Eddie went for the rodeo bull rider and country and western singer. I mean talk about Donny Gay meets Kenny Rogers. Seriously, this is like Merle Haggard who knew what to do with a bull that Eddie hired, and the crooner has a cool name too in Faircloth the Assassin.

Look you got Spacey, and a trek fag, no one cares about that after George Takei was trying to rape drugged queers on his sofa. There is just not any Hollywood names in the mix. That goes with Harvey Weinstein and Ashley Judd. Seriously that ain't no movie script name like James Cagney and Marilyn Monroe.

Now with Eddie you got Eddie Fontaine, you got an ex wife, you got Faircloth the assassin, and you got perv sex with kids and piles of money that Eddie stole.  This is the real deal and nobody cared about it in 1983. Dan Rather did not care, Tom Brokaw did not care, nobody cared and this was how real pervs played the game.

You just got to think with all that nasty audition stuff that Ashley Judd has been resisting about, that she and all these other women would have been all over Eddie. I can see why Spacey was ambushing kids and Weinstein was having to get women up to his room, because these two just did not have what it took.
Spacey goes and hides out in cock rehab and Weinstein hires Jew intimidators, but Eddie he hires a bull busting assassin to take care of his problem woman.

There just is no one like the good olde days of Eddie Fontaine and all we have now are fags and fat old Jews who just play around the edges. No wonder Ashley Judd is angry and all of these other women. Men just will not put out any more like Eddie Fontaine would and then go flat slab when he didn't get his way.

No wonder liberal women are all so angry. Men just won't do anything for them any more.

Yeah they don't make em like Eddie Fontaine any more.