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In legal definitions, you are a 702 when it comes to the NSA, CIA, FBI and whatever host of other agencies who spy on the world. Mike Flynn is a 702 in he was perfectly innocent in speaking with a Russian Ambassador who was being spied upon, but someone in the Obama regime demanded that his name be unmasked so they could see who this American was, because Americans are not supposed  to be spied upon, and this is how Mike Flynn was destroyed in the Robert Mueller witch hunt.

All of this matters, because it goes to the heart of Representative Devin  Nunes memo which is built from the actual FBI documents handed to him concerning FISA or Federal Court ordered spying on Americans.
See, there is supposed to be a wall of separation in this, like the government can spy on the whores you talk to on the street, but has to block your face out on the cameras. What changed under Obama was everyone who was not in intelligence was demanding unmasking data on Americans if they spoke to any foreigner. With Donald Trump who had democrats and #NeverTrumpers targeting Mr. Trump, his campaign and his family, in sending Russian lawyers to Trump Tower to speak to the Trump's, that was the slight of hand in how the FBI under crooked Director James Comey began spying on Americans using a fake dossier to gain court orders, supplemented by foreign intelligence as British MI6 and yes Israeli Mosaad, were feeding their spying to the NSA in "sharing" information as is always practiced.
Allies were literally involved in this steering a Trump staffer in Papadopoulos and supplementing a narrative which would assist Hillary Clinton to be installed as President.

A very good touchstone article on the Marketswork, which prostitutes cucksevatude treehose as a source, is good background information on this, but the real guts of this is the actual government files on all of this, which basically states that in 2014 the Federal courts were having red lights going off as classified material was being breached by FBI contractors, as it was stored on FBI computers, concerning Americas who were being unmasked wholesale. The courts point to such lack of training and awareness of American law that the FBI agents were "unaware" they were breaking the law as an excuse, but when one considers that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were taking classified intelligence, and leaking it to the press, and then taking their stories and planting them into the FBI investigation into this to get Donald Trump, one deduces that closed system files at the FBI were not so closed and that everyone had access to them. At one mention in the court findings it mentions FBI lawyers were involved in the review of this information, that would be Lisa Page, so it does not matter if a contractor mentioned was in a closed system at FBI, because Lisa Page had access and was leaking that information to Strzok and the fake news, and then putting it on Andrew McCabe's desk as evidence.

The following screen grabs are damning, because while much of it is redacted, it does mention exactly who was aware that there was a  problem with misuse of FISA for three years and perhaps longer with the list of department and cabinet heads who signed off on this were:

Attorney General Loretta Lynch
NSA  James Clapper
FBI James Comey
CIA John Brennen
National Counter Terrorism Center
Principal Deputy Directors
  • Arthur M. Cummings (2004–05)
  • Kevin R. Brock (2005–07)
  • Michael E. Leiter (2007–08)
  • Geoff O'Connell (2008–2011)
  • Andrew Liepman (2011–2012)
  • Nicholas J. Rasmussen (2012–2014)
  • John J. Mulligan

Every single one of the people listed above, knew there was a problem with FISA violations, and that in September of 2016 it had been so politicized that curbs were being put into place, but by that date all hell had broken loose, as the entire Obama regime with support of English, Jewish and Baltic intelligence groups, has assembled classified information, mingled with fake intelligence, assembled it at Fusion GPS and were dumping it onto Director James Comey's desk by the mules of John McCain and John Podesta to smear Donald Trump.
This intelligence operation was designed to steal the election from Donald Trump, and then to imprison him and his supporters when Hillary Clinton was in the White House, and when that was thwarted by the American People, the fake dossier in FISA was designed to destroy Donald Trump and the reforms he was elected to accomplish.

There is absolutely not any doubt that the Obama regime knew what was taking place against Donald Trump as there was not any degree of separation in their fellow travelers.

What is revealing in this, is the court states that the FBI gains the FISA, 702 unmasking and other classified intelligence, but that it is ALL disseminated then to PRIVATE CONTRACTORS. You do remember someone named Edward Snowden in how well that turned out in keeping information secure, and that incident in  Seth Rich being murdered for copying DNC files for Wikileaks? That is what is taking place in this, in there are private citizens who are paid by the FBI to look AT YOUR DATA, and there has been a disastrous history of  this information which should never have been leaked, destroying innocent men like Mike Flynn.

The courts discovered that 85% of the unmasking were not legal requests. That is a huge politicization of the security process and privacy of American Citizens. What you are witnessing with Donald Trump and the leaks which installed leftist John Kelly as defacto president in this Junta by the DIA, is the tip of the ice berg.
You are witnessing what was done to Donald Trump and his associates which was caught, because it was accomplished by idiots. Remember what Lisa Page texted to Peter Strzok in a story she leaked was too much information and it was pointing to them. She was upset about this, but it reveals that someone else who was more intelligent was leaking classified information.
What you are seeing in Donald Trump is what is known. When one has a culture of corruption in intelligence and security which image Obama was running as his personal KGB, this apparatus was behind numbers of perhaps Congressmen retiring or perhaps a Supreme Court Justice flipping his vote for Obamacare, to only satan knows what in who was pressured by information from some geek who wanted a hand job.


There is absolutely not any way that the heads of intelligence and security did not know that Samantha Power name was involved in unmasking Americans wholesale after the courts were already involved and red flags were all over this. This is what corruption looks like and is. The worst of this is Donald Trump resigned into law this spy access which again is supposed to target foreigners, but it is targeting innocent Americans whose lives have been destroyed already and the President is not doing a thing to restore innocent men like Mike Flynn.

This is why Rep. Devin Nunes memo is so vital in this based on FBI data, because it dovetails into the above, and it is absolute proof of the high corruption in the Obama regime against the People of these United States.

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