Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Stephen Paddock's Double and His Magic Rifle

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 As the Las Vegas Police are releasing information on Stephen Paddock while the FBI is not releasing information for another year, and in revelations posted here exclusively on this blog of a right and left handed shooter was in the hotel suite where the body was photographed, Intellihub has been making some exclusives too like the real Stephen Paddock was 6.4 with blue eyes, while the body which was examined and cremated by the Las Vegas morgue  was 6.1 and had brown eyes.

 Additionally, the eye color listed on the official state document says Paddock’s eyes were “BL” (blue), while the autopsy report says the decedent’s eyes are “brown.”

In 2010, Paddock’s height was listed as 6′-4″ on a Sport Fishing, Trapping, Hunting License registered with the State of Alaska. The information was verified with Paddock’s California driver’s license by a duly authorized fish and game vendor in the State of Alaska.

 Paddock's Alaskan Outdoorsman's License

As one ponders and makes excuses for wrong eye color and wrong size of the body, the Lame Cherry was examining some photos which have not been examined previously in the infamous metal jet fuel tanks too far away for a 223 to penetrate.

The tanks were struck twice according to official photos.  The Lame Cherry will remind readers that you were lied to in being told that Paddock tried to detonate the jet fuel by shooting at the tanks. (Jet fuel is kerosene and can not be ignited by shooting at it.) One will notice no leakage, that concludes the tanks were empty.
With that stated, in forensic examination of the bullet holes, by rim dimpling of the metal caused by and by spray pattern at a lower 60 degree angle, it proves that the firing at the tanks was from ground level to the right and up.

This is a blow up the bullet hole for the lazy who will not click on photos and study them themselves.

 With that evidence in place, the upper bullet hole is examined and thee exact same pattern is in evidence, in the firing took place from below and at a right angle.

It is difficult in cursory examination, but the bullet hole appears larger than a 223 and closer to a 30 caliber type weapon.

The Lame Cherry is going to explain something about bullets and the spray pattern above which indicates information.

A blacksmith welds by heating metal and then hammering it sometimes. When placing rivets into shovel handles or sickle sections on cutting grain, metal can be hammered, which excites it, meaning heats it up, and the metal becomes fluid and begins to spread to form a head on a rivet.

When a bullet strikes metal, it is moving very fast, and upon impact a fast heat up occurs, along with fragmentation and as one can assess from the above, vaporization occurs of the metal and jet fuel which the metal has absorbed over time.

As one can see, the bullet remained intact as the bullet hole is round. The vapor cloud on the metal indicates something though that this was not a full metal jacket bullet, but a jacketed bullet. This is important as this would indicate the small 223 if it was a soft point, would not have had the energy to penetrate the metal tank. This points to a 30 caliber bullet of higher power.
In addition, the cloud pattern or vaporization resembles vaporized kerosene, but there are indications in this that there is lead dust spray in these photos as the soft bullet turned into dust or vaporized dust.

As an M 60 firing American arsenal ammunition would be armor penetrating or full metal jacket in legal anti personnel, the above patterns would not appear. This looks more akin to the low grade Russian ammunition of the Bear line of more frangible bullets, That again points to an AK 47 type weapon, again this is the type of weapon most frequently in use by Narco latins, Muslims and Iranians, while the weapons arrayed around Stephen Paddock's or dead shorter guy with wrong color eyes suite, was running the American AR 15 civilian model.
Americans choose AR 15 platforms as it is what they are familiar with, the foreigner choose the Kalashnikov platform as that is what daddy terrorist was given to murder Americans with.

Stephen Paddock's suite was above and there is not any way that he could have shot into these tanks from below, not even with a wacko leftist Kate Steinle ricochet as the ground impact would have absorbed even more energy so no tank penetration was possible.

The tanks prove a second shooter. The autopsy proves a second Paddock.

Inquiry indicates in the matrix that Stephen Paddock is dead. Who else was on that medical examiner's table is another mystery, as who was firing at the jet fuel tanks on the ground.

Like the evidence on Stephen Paddock's door of someone was firing into the room, as he was not firing out of it.


Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. 

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