Sunday, January 14, 2018

A Lame Cherry Question For You To Solve

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Something came to mind today and I thought I would pick your memories as it amazes me in Commander McBragg and Sunburst Silverware what people who read this blog can come up with information when I run out of search engine questions.

This is about a book, the year my sister was killed, so I do not remember a great deal about it, but this is the book that really thrilled me as our teacher read it to us. Our teacher, would read to us 15 minutes everyday after recess. It was the only time us retards ever behaved, and she read all sorts of things from Little House on the Prairie to this book.

I apologize how sketchy this is, and I have searched the library of Congress to no avail.

The details I am certain of.

Science Fiction
Children's books 8 to adult.

Now for the sketchy part. I think the main character was called STONE. It could be Commander Stone. I recall them being in outer space, probably in orbit around earth.
I think their might have been some kind of spider involved, like a space alien maybe.
There was some mishap with the ship, and I seem to recall something about like a broken needle in someone's arm, which put them into deep sleep.

I do not remember the title, but can only see the off color white book, in paperback, which was not too big.

This bugs me as I would like to read this again, as I read Starman Jones which movie if I had the funding would film a perfect rendition of it, and TL kindly gave me a copy of that book like the one I read in school several years ago for Christmas.

So if someone who was once young in the 1950's to around the early 1970's ever came across a book from this era which is close to the above, you know how to contact the popular girl.

Thank you