Sunday, January 14, 2018

Conservatives Targeted by Facebook, Twitter and Google?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I read on Town Hall a piece by the #NeverTrumper John Hawkins who went wholesale destroy Trump in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, and now is blaming Facebook for not directing traffic, which is part of how he made cash in visitors and bots, for shutting down his site at Right Wing News.

Today, as you read this, my website Right Wing News is shutting down operations. It has been around since 2001, but became massive a few years ago because of Facebook. 

I have an alternative reality for John Hawkins and all of these cucktards, and it is the reason their sites suck in their collective little fag sex funding group is because they have absolutely no talent and for years I have watched these asstards swipe my content, my exclusives, claim them as their own, and shut the Lame Cherry out in the dark.

So John Hawkins and his other establishment pied pipers got what they dished out to Christian Conservatives, because they are dry, humorless, puke up the same vomit as previous talking points and destroy the base.

Look, I have watched Google suppress this blogs numbers in volume these past weeks. Nothing I can do about it as they own the store. I still know the message is getting out and I still am effective for the Lord, even though there is a ban on things being repeated in mic head media here.
I still work, because I have to. I have to find a way to make things work, and I do not have the turtleneck luxury of just quitting because my bloated asstard  Right Wing News site ate itself and could not spread eagle whore enough for Facebook.

Hey Facebook has banned me. They still harass my ass in sending me alerts, signed me up to a group I could not have signed up for, and just are pricks, but I am still here, and still working in producing a message that people want to hear as it is not a cookie cutter perspective.

Is there a push to get rid of Conservatives? Apparently so, but it is interesting in these same funded assholes on the right did not give a f*ck about this blog when it was attacked relentlessly in opening up freedoms again which the left had shut down. When this blog was Inspired to go wholesale publication in 2008, people were terrified at being called  a racist, Mark Levin would not call Obama a Marxist, the net was filled with Nazi remarks which was wrong as the Nazi is left wing and not right wing as this blog explained and Big Koch was attacking ethanol fuels.
By posts here from God, His blessing and your reading and talking, all of the above changed and now you have a freedom to post about things which was no longer possible in 2008. Most of you have forgotten all of that and think it just happened, but this blog paved the way again for information to be spoken again, and all of these establishment assholes made a fortune off of my work here.......and again absolutely not one tip of the hat or mention, as it was all their doing.

So Right Wing News is gone. That means to me that funding got pulled, just like all that other shit got cut back like Red State and the Blaze. As you can see Sunprancer at Cuckservatude Treehose is still showing up in Google search who do you think that outlet is really shilling for eh?

If writers produce a product which people want, there is little that can hide that light, whether it is Jesus or some blog. If people loved what they do or were moved to do things, they would still do it, instead of shut things down. Instead most of this is money driven and everyone wants to be on a platform like Town Hall, where all the chosen pimps whore the catch phrases out.

I am here, because no sane person like Joseph Farah would ever put my type of communication skills into a magazine forum. It is not college ruled, and it is communicating to people beyond the boring line by line which destroyed journalism. There is a purpose for line by line journalism, but blogging is not that field. Blogging is the M40 Recoiless Rifle of communication while James Woods is the Model 70 sniper rifle in quick target shots to the mind.

Communication is important in all fields. Journalism is a tank, a carpet bomber. Blogging is sappers in the wire, hitting hard and fast in blowing holes in the defenses and allowing the fortifications to crumble. Twitter is the demoralization of the left by talents like James Woods as he keeps knocking the hell out of leftists so they cower and hide.

A link site has to be like Liberty Daily. Again I have no association with the people there, but they understand the rhetoric and how to drive the propaganda. I like to think the high octane of this site has empowered that group to reach out and post titles which are a mortar slap to the left in every post they make.

You are witnessing the beginning of an evolution again in the old dinosaurs like Limbaugh and Drudge of the fag billionaires are passing away, with their propped up audience numbers and their abundant funding from outside sources. People understand their American Genocide is in process, and they are being driven to a more streamlined propaganda and no longer accepting Sean Homo Hannity's "Shootin' bullets at the coons" songs, while he hums along, "Dicks up the arse" tunes.

So what if these rich establishment 'cuckservatives' are being shut down. They never were real in the first place as they either were sucking Google ad revenue for the cartel brothel or they were getting it up the arse  from Brent Bozell in CIA funding.
It is still a reality that if any of these cucks were real and doing a real job, they would either have been fired like Chuck Johnson of Got News or had a visit by the authorities for trying to keep the peace and security of America as some popular girl did. That is what makes it real.

Now I will tell you a secret of the deep state. Obama started humping money into your local media again, after strangling them to make them all pro pedophile stories in sodomy. There is a finite funding in Mockingbird and the fledglings, and if Gaytube to Cockzuckerberg are rationing funds, it means that their NSA money supply has been pulled, and they are keeping their own operations running on those funds, and trying to keep the primary Mockingbird outlets running.
The popular girl might whisper that some President who got politically raped by Right Wing News and other sham outlets might have told Mike Pompeo at CIA to stop funding #NeverTrump sites, so the geeks started pulling the revenue direction plugs to save themselves.

I really do not care in this, as I am not getting a whores salary like the other pimps in the 6 figures to be paid to Peggy Noonan lie to you. I am still waiting on God to tell some multi millionaire who has made tons of money in the Stock Market to cash out a portion and drop that cash wad on the Lame Cherry as a sort of tithe so I can quit  begging for money and people who should be purchasing things like  replacement cars should be taking care of themselves instead of having carrying the adult child of me around on their hip.

You now are aware of the background of what is going on in these stories you are seeing from all of these whiners who have been sucking off the tit for a very long time. Once again, you only hear those facts here in explaining the situation here by the Inspiration of God in Lame Cherry exclusives in matter anti matter.

OK now go run along and play as you know a great deal about what is taking place in the deep state intelligence budgets by what you just read here, which was not meant for public viewing again.

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