Saturday, January 27, 2018

A Real Republican President

 Alright Henry, you say you are the smartest man in the world,
then why can't you sing like Elvis?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is not any secret that the Lame Cherry adores President Richard Nixon. He had his own deep state coup which destroyed him as Donald Trump is succumbing to, and no one ever doubted that everything Richard Nixon did was out of a deep love and devotion to America.

In that I was looking through pictures of Trump's chief of staff and found one of Kelly doing a Nixon type pose, which Richard Nixon never did, but the left smears President Nixon constantly with his arms folded. In that, I wanted to do a story board in honor of President Nixon as he loved to laugh as proven by the Laugh In appearance of Sock It To Me?!?!?!?

I needed something to smile about on this cold crappy January 11th day, so you know when this was posted.

And now, one of my favorite American Presidents, Richard Nixon, American Patriot.


Ok if the Cubs win, Ford wins and Kissinger does detente with the Soviets;
if the Cubs lose, Kissinger wins and we nuke Moscow at dawn

Yes Hope, I'll pardon you if you miss the putt


Daddy, I want you to bomb my boyfriend's house
as he was looking too long at Nancy Sinatra last night on tv.


Hey man where do I get one of those cool leopard skin hats?


Mr. President, my kid just pushed that red button on your desk.

Look Jerry, I resigned so you could become President
as you were not going to get there on votes...

 Dick, you're a cool cat, so I'll let you in on a secret:
I'm not blind, I just pretend to be as it really gets me the chics.


Nixon told me his psychic said America's first black President
was not even an American......


Ok Elvis, it is official, you fake your own death and after
 reconstructive surgery your new name is Donald John Trum........