Saturday, January 27, 2018

House of Cards - Trump of Cards

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I thought for certain a few years ago, that Lyndsey Williams, that Prudhoe Bay preacher said that all of his contacts died in the cartel which ran the world, so he was silent, but the night of January 24th, 2018 AD in the year of our Lord, he was on that George Noury' Coast to Coast program and now was saying that he had a 70 year old contact who was telling him all about the deep state........that Hillary Clinton was going to be president and there was not any way Donald Trump would win.

According to Williams, the old dude said that God intervened in the election, which is what this blog was writing the time line for in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, but as God intervenes, the deep state DIA was what was backing Trump and is now leftist running Trump in John Kelly the Obama voter.

What Williams was saying last night was a great deal what this blog stated in dude was saying no stock market collapse and I stated 30,000 is possible and perhaps 35,000 IF the money flow continues with Trump rewarding the Nazi conglomerates and McConnell pumping a trillion in kickbacks in "infrastructure".

William's dude was saying something else too, but the radio fuzzed out, about where the money was going to be pumped from, as dude was saying 40,000 was possible.
40,000 is possible if Trump jails Robert Mueller and the cabal led by Rob Rosenstein at Justice, and then the original Obama plan for Hillary Happy days in removing Russian sanctions in pumping Russian billions into the American markets, will get America there in the market to 40,000 before the plug is pulled.
Of course that scenario would cripple America, Europe, Russia, and China would already be on the death spiral, which would mean that a world war would be set off by the collapse of the US markets after Russia would be left holding the bag as Allen Greenspan pinned the Europeans in the Dotcom Bust of the Clinton era, which brought about the 2008 retalation from the Rothschilds which collapsed the American markets and installed Obama.

What I am simply noting for all of you, is the United States under Trump is creating a super bubble. This bubble will have to be fed, past Trump re election and that would mean Russia, as this has been all about looting Russia from Day One in what Obama was up to in Uranium One and the entire Pissgate Dossier as you were informed of first here. It was to blackmail Russia to hand over their funds to Wall Street, like the Rothschilds control the Queen of Englands and the Vatican's investments.
A Nova Bubble as something global is possible by gaining control over the Russian profit structure in pumping that money into Wall Street. Popping that would create the economic dark ages.

In reviewing this........The Don has robot workers, he has his Visa for amnesty slave that lower peon class will not do well, neither will Americans. This will give about an 8 year bubble so Baby Boomers will have their 401k's and most of them beginning to die in funding that entitlement.  After that nukes will crop the rest or Wormwood as there is not any stopping Biblical events. So no one will do really good in this, retirees will find Trumpflation eating them alive, real estate will rob all these peons forced to buy housing, there will not be any upward mobility, so with lots of money and only in the hands of the few, it would factor out that America will be a shit hole nation like China is now or India. Great for the rich and shit for the poor.

I have not inquired on any of this, but am simply making known a situation which is developing and the ramifications of it. People with stocks are looking at a 35% increase on their portfolios if this holds. Anything can pull the plug on this from a terror nuke to Soros getting some orange haired Islamsists to start knocking off Russian allies in the Balkans. Providing the Trump of Cards does not fall though, people with assets are going to get inflated wealth, and it is first on repatriated money and will come on Russian funds.

There is not going to be any deflation in any of and rural economies will stagnate, and those land prices in their massive debt is not prone to inflate, unless of course The Donald starts allowing in Russian land grabs, but it goes back to either you have to build expensive peon housing or keep the real estate market in that 250,000 dollar sell your nutsack for life debt in mortgages, as the conglomerate mean wage is around 50,000 dollars which leaves about 25,000 dollars after all the taxation in Trump Tax nationwide.

Personally, even knowing what I know, if I had money, I would not even for the short term put any money into this market even as Trump has it hyperinflating to Trumpflating if he gets outside funding to appear. Would I love to own stock in Coke or Pepsi? Sure as who would not, but I can't graze Baby Belle on an electric stock certificate.
I want land to grow food, create habitat and shoot my grouse, pheasants, turkeys, ducks and geese, along with deer and buffalo for my larder,  as my fish pond yields catfish, bream, crappies and walleyes.  That is what donations are saved for as I do not give other people my money to play with who are feeding Lyndsey Williams information from the grave.

In a sustained economy, one must have 5% growth, one must have a poor which his upward trending, one must have production to absorb the growth (items to absorb the money created) and an outward expansion of trade. The Trump economy has none of this, and it is a top heavy bubble, held up by the slave class, in a perfect Rome burning while the Donald fiddles or tweets.

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