Monday, January 22, 2018

As another Lame Cherry exclusive exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is not a great deal in these David John Oates reversals on the Hawaiian Missile alert, Donald Trump and Steve Bannon. If it helps, Steve Bannon is honest, Donald Trump is facing a disaster in Afghanistan. (I would state again that I have published how to cheaply win Afghanistan in less than a years time, without Americans put in harm's way.) and a reality that the police in Hawaii, on scanner communications all thought they were going to die from  a nuclear blast.
That was a mean ass nasty stunt which the liberals  pulled in Hawaii.  

Bannon did not know the resistance was going to take place, if he is that asstard along with Mr. President, then they both should look at George Soros terrorism as that is where it erupts from.

I am going to add something, because twice Bannon talks of Trumps poll numbers and then reverses into the earth saving us. Could be metaphor in the earth as a groundswell of people to save Trump's presidency or something else is taking place in a meteor or geology.

Audio of Hawaiian Missile Alert

Get on that Channel and I'll make that call - Demonic flash

Just driving around make sure it is not a drill - Did I miss that

Bravo forty copy - It was beautiful

Fix radio announcement - Make one up

Make a copy - No villian on his mother

You acknowledge - Now I'm losing it

Correct it now - Once send a terror threat

Donald Trump
Strong sovereign nations - It's sad NORAD

Marshall Plan - Face a world war

Egregious human's rights violations - The source the Sam

Based on the vision - Their power is nukes in the shed

Iranian support for terror - Hillary buried us

Fight against evil in Afghanistan - They're freaking out soon it's mine.

We want fairness- We'll beat the crime either way (libel laws)

Steve Bannon

The issue of amnesty - Can it make money

Newt was up front - Forget but I had a grin

Drive democratic party where they should not go - Hide in their shit

democrats should go to the middle - If I had gun you'll sign it hassle

We voted on this 50 times in repeal and replace - I do love you

Trump is 36% percent - Let this earth save us

That was not thought of by Republican establishment - No shit


Donald Trump winning was amnesty - Remember it's an ambush

The resistance occurred - Says they're releasing me


Those districts Republicans are own 10 percent - The lie burnished and they believe it

We understand this issue - The shits an answer

Newt was up front - They are slime

They will drive the  democratic party - What other shit

I think he is at 38% - You masturbator let the earth save us (Trump)

He's not a politician - Hillary will be bad

Nuff Said