Monday, January 22, 2018

Note to Jeff Sessions on "lost" FBI text messages

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

BleachBit creator, ex-FBI experts question 'loss' of Peter Strzok texts

Every cell phone has a carrier. Every carrier has a relay whether ATT or Verizon, which is monitored by 4 sources:

1. NSA
2. CIA
3. FBI off site
4. MI6 or another allied intelligence agency which spies on Americans proper as America shares data to spy on these foreigners proper

The NSA data is recorded in an operational cross reference file by AI analytics, and another storage area.

Furthermore, Washington DC is a "prime factor" location, as is New York in the United Nations, or select foreign embassies, where every signal is logged, whether radio or digital, and those locations are optically swept 24/7 in which patterns are noted.
Furthermore with super computers stored in underground skyscrapers, every device security and intelligence personnel leaving a signature in their vehicles, homes, offices and associates are recorded in text or vocals, as artificial intelligence is not a geek in a basement at Langley. If someone who is top level starts using a personal, burn phone or alternative phone to communicate, that is red flagged and it is monitored.

Pleased to help the Attorney General in overturning rocks as apparently Herbert McMaster of NSA has not shared this with him for some reason.

"This culture of leaking must stop," Sessions says ...

Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatened to pursue and prosecute anyone who leaks sensitive government information, and consider subpoenaing members of ...

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