Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Better things to do than watch POTUS SOTU

I'm so great that I am announcing the faces of Mount Rushmore
will be carved over the faces of millionaire Donald, Billionaire Donald
Trillionaire Donald and Quadrillionaire Donald......

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is going to break with something I always enjoyed and felt obligated to do and that is I will not be watching the Trump State of the Union this year, because I have had an entire year of suffering through Trump broken promises and lies, than to listen to a 90 minute fiction of how great Donald Trump is and all the things he is going to do, which are more lies.

The fact is Donald Trump had Gary Cohn make a tax bill which gives you pennies, while Gary Cohn constructed a rapine economy of selling American beef and energy to Eurasians for the profit of the few, which will rob you of thousands of dollars in your Trump quarter filled pockets.
ANWAR in Alaska, the best crude in the world will not fill your gas tanks. It will go to China and when China invades, China will have possession of developed US oil fields that you paid for.

So you want to listen to 90 minutes of that future, that is your choice. I will be watching a bad movie, something starring Randy Quaid as a cop nailing a hot deaf chic, or something else to escape as I am not going to be suckered by DACA Don parading around some mother whose kid got whacked by MS 13, as what difference is there really in an American dying from their dream destroyed by a Trump Visa Vermin laborer or MS 13 putting an American in the ground. Cold and stiff is the same and it is both Latin, and the money from dope or roofing houses goes into the same Goldman Sachs Wall Street.

Those are the facts, but what bothers me most is the same game that Donald Trump pissed on the media and liberals with in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, which all of us helped with, is the same FU he has been jerking his supporters  around with all of 2017, acting like they are too stupid to understand.

If Ivanka wants Syria bombed, it is done in minutes. When Americans want Obamacare gone, it is "wait another year" and trust that Trump f*cked up politics does not elect super majorities of democrats by the end of this year, and their first law passed on January 4th, 2019 will be making Obamacare permanent as they move to impeach Donald Trump.

I have been disheartened by this Junta enough and am through with the manipulation. I will look to God, trust in Jesus and hope the money comes to me to get a place, where I will build a lake to sit beside, and I my days will be pasturasal and pasturage, as I know what Donald Trump's economic bubble will do, I know that Americans will be more impoverished and dead in greater numbers and by the time Donald Trump leaves 1600 Penn Avenue, America will have 410 million people occupying America, in competition over housing and the majority will be dark skinned, America hating, Christian loathing, vermin.

Donald Trump will tell you lies tonight. I have heard enough of them and experienced enough of them in my filling my gas tank to high Trump gas prices, that I am not sucker enough to hope in what Donald Trump pretends to be.

I have better things to do than be led around by Donald Trump as the white skin Obama.

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