Wednesday, January 31, 2018

oh Victoria

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It's Victoria
Oh Euphoria
It's Victoria
Oh Gloira
It's Victoria......

Well enough of that, as I have been watching for several years this Victoria thing on Masterpiece theater and of course Albert the German Prince is of course more interesting, and of course the entire series was wasted on Queen Victoria, when the gorgeous Victoria Cluny was in this series as the Duchess of Hotness and Albert's yummy brother, Prince Ernst was about in an adoration from a far interesting story more interesting than this Victoria.

I am Victora Cluny, the goddess of all womankind.

I am David Oakes, God's gift to goddesses.


 I envy you Ernest, as I just have a Queen, but a Goddess adores you.

I am a Goddess and I so adore Prince Ernest, God's gift to Goddesses.


Goddess Victoria, you are the Aphrodite of archery.

Your bow Prince Ernest has strung the Cupid of my heart.


And you Goddess Victoria have filled my quiver......


 One lock of hair, one kiss in our forbidden love
to carry us to our one eternity where we love together

Oh Goddess Victoria
Such Euphoria
Oh Goddess Victoria
Such Gloria
Oh Goddess Victoria

See now that would be a three year series of epic love, in such beauty, grace, honor, chivalry and love.

Instead all we got was.........well what the English hath given.