Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Catching HAARP before the Act

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry by God's Grace picked up on weather anomalies in the Red River Valley of the North from Winnipeg North Dakota to the South Dakota border in what appeared to be atmospheric surges being generated, like river flooding debris or a lava flow. The first time I witnessed this, it was recorded here and the  National Weather Service cloud animations generated the event.
This is important for you to understand in when you are watching weather in FUTURECAST, that has not happened yet 12 hours away. That is computer generated in creating data as being programmed into it. In other words HAARP is being infused into the system when it manipulates the weather.

When I first noted this "surge" around Fargo North Dakota which lasted 5 hours and then the normal west to east pattern over came it, what followed was the transfer of Siberian air to America, which is impossible, but it did just that all to sell oil to heat your homes for the Trump conglomerates.

As noted here, a week ago there was another attempt at an outbreak, but there is no more cold air in the north to freeze the American heartland. What appears to be generating is HAARP weather modification has so bubbled the atmosphere that temperatures are warming from the southwest airflow by 10 to 20 degrees above normal.
What should have been a nice mild winter has been huge storms in America and vicious cold, in countering La Ninia for corporate profits.

The following is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter in I have caught HAARP in action BEFORE the event. I have mentioned how the forecasters were pointing things out weeks in advance which is impossible and they were on target, when they can not get the temperature right most days due to HAARP.
I noted that on Sunday, January 28th, 2018 in the year of our Lord, that an anomaly was being generated again.  It is again centered over the Red River Valley of the North, and this "Arctic Cold" is isolated again to this valley.

Here is an outlier in Bismark North Dakota which is to the west of Fargo around 250 miles as the crow flies, and as one can see Bismark is warmer, but will be affected, when if this was a real weather front, it would mean Bismark would have like temperatures.
This is what it looks like when HAARP in macro modification is manipulating the weather in a specific location.

Why Fargo has been chosen for this experiment is speculation as it is limited in population, is NWS centered, has access to  severe cold, a complimentary land formation to assist the containment of "weather", and if this is national defense connected, Minot is home to the Strategic Air Command in nuclear missiles and bombers, meaning there appears to be an experiment in North Dakota in the event thermonuclear devices are detonated over the region west of Fargo, that HAARP is practicing a capability of creating a weather dike over the Red River Valley, which would  translate keeping radioactive fallout detained behind this dike, and of course creating a massive hot zone of fall out to the west of Fargo in the Devil's Lake region to the buffer of the Red River.
That would translate again killing the people of the West as was US nuclear policy so the pretty people of Minneapolis, Chicago, Cleveland and Pittsburgh would live.

That is speculation, but HAARP is active now in these macro manipulations and it is not trying to sell propane to the Norwegians of Fargo doncha know. These meteorological events are taking place and as stated the Lame Cherry caught them days out this time creating a one day temperature plummet again in the Red River Valley of the North. We will now see how closely all of this is monitored, if they try to plunge a region into cold again, not create the atmospheric bubble of heat to generate this wash effect or just keep calm and carry on, as the propaganda state will cover all of this up as what is taking place is too important for what is taking place.

Final point, it appears that HAARP can generate a sort of upslope of heat not sucking like a whirlpool, but as stated HAARP is not creating a mushroom cloud of heat as is the case in major pressure systems, but is a slot where the air movement is contained in a push, not drawing in other air from the left and right. That is a real accomplishment as this is like a missile atmosphere they have figured out.
I have felt with walks with TL this past summer, super warm air bursts when rains appeared, which is the atmosphere rolling over and pushing HAARP heat down.

We will now witness what takes place as it is projected, and the only way Fargo could have this weather is man generated HAARP weather modification for one day.

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