Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Propaganda Dimension

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am currently reading a pointy head book which is biased examining the German Eastern Front Campaign in Operation Typhoon. During this second phase of war against the communists, the National Socialists through Joseph Goebbels was faced with a sullen German populace who were afraid of defeat as Operation Barbarossa in the summer of 1941 which struck the Soviets before they could rise and strike Germany, had not brought peace immediately as they had been promised.
Goebbels was able through uplifting propaganda to raise German morale at home and made them once again believe that victory was a certainty.
The problem with the Eastern Front was a threefold problem in the size of Russia, the reserves of Russia, and the lack of production to replace German things wearing out. The German was willing and capable, but the German could not move the Soviet mountain with a shovel.

The lesson of this is the question of why does Christian hating Matt Drudge, along with other American loathing shills on the right as Ben Shapiro to the caste on FOX, exist in anxiety and fear of a group of Christian centered nationalists which Donald Trump actually fawned over to get elected in that mysterious Alt Right?
It all has to do with the Propaganda Dimension  and the Lame Cherry will explain this as the Liberty Daily as an example.

The election of 2016 was an election for the heart and soul of America, not suppressed in Bushism fascism or Clinton corporatism, but those values espoused by the American Silent Majority, now being genocided by Donald Trump continuing Bush, Clinton and Obama deep state policy.
Why again is it a focus to overrun America with foreign rape cock? It is to dilute the vote of some powerful group which comprises Christian White and Black, with this Jesuit Islamic based group managed out of London, and directed by the Vatican and Mecca, all based in dope and oil black market global rapine.

Most people are still wondering what the hell the Alt Right is or was, as it seemed to surface, be run as a fine tuned operation, was censored, the leaders disappeared, and then reappeared with the same hilarious rhetoric on the Twitter pages of Paul Nehlen.
None of this had to do with Nazism in National Socialism in being anti semite, but it had to do with a group who became aware that there was a financial cult in America and the world, who were undercutting Americanism as espoused by the Founders in Christian Protestant ethics, financially sound books of no national debt, and America which was not the international police state enforcing wars on those to enrich the trillionaire cult.

The clue in this is why this group created the JUDEO CHRISTIAN propaganda of linking Jewry which hates Jesus the Christ at the head of a religious group which adores Jesus the Christ. That propaganda sounds like an idiotic match, but once this group gains control over groups from education, capitalism becomes communism, healthcare becomes rationed death, security becomes the police state, the military becomes a nuclear assassination state, and religion becomes sodomy.
Have you ever noticed that Jewry never had a sodomite leadership, that their Islamic sword never had homosexuals leading prayers and yet the Protestants have myriads of fag preachers overthrowing those religions as the Catholic faithful have pedo priests raping everyone.
It almost is as if someone who loathes and hates Christian America, deliberately set out to undermine a political mindset to neutralize it, in statements like Jeb Bush saying he could win the nomination without the base.

There is evidence in the above of a very deliberate propaganda and conditioning series of operations to wipe out a political majority in America for overthrow, which is no more evident than the mystery of what all have been witnessing in the deep state coup against Donald Trump.

The Secret Society mentioned in the above to get America is the same one which destroyed Sarah Palin and the same one which destroyed George Allen. How could that be in Palin was Christian and Allen was Jewish? It is because of the representation these people on the Right established in Americanism. It was this same Secret Society which went after the innocent Christian, Judge Roy Moore, as what Roy Moore was focused on was a consumption tax, which would undo the entire IRS confiscation and concentration scheme of trillions of dollars onto this Secret Society's Wall Street coffers impoverishing Americans. It is why Steve Bannon of the DIA was expendable by the wing of the DIA led by Secret Society coup plotter in Junta John Kelly. You have to understand that this is a fellow travelers group of Christian haters, and that is what is at their core. They can be in all sorts of fields and creeds, but at their source is the neutralization and control of the Christian Right in America. That is what the Alt Right was summoned to do, in why that faggot Milo was dispatched to attempt to hijack the movement and why the original Nazi that the FBI has been hounding, guiding and throwing into prison by moles for decades, because they always espoused armed militia resistance to this society was busy denouncing the faggotization of the Alt Right as they knew they had been infiltrated.
So that you comprehend this, Milo from London was dispatched to America Breitbart, went pedo, was fired, as America was disrupted to Obama sodomy legalization, whereby Milo was dispatched again to Australia which just passed sodomite legalization too. It is as if some global group is busy disrupting Christian Israelite genetic based societies and making them peoples at war with a God who rains fire and brimstone down on Sodom and Gomorrah.

That is why the propaganda dimension matters in this. It matters when Matt Drudge inflates his numbers just like Mark Zuckerberg in users. If you observe this the major players in this internet Shylockery again are this Ashkenaz financed propagandists, sent in to herd the American Christian to specific policies which place Americans in debt and makes Americans bleed for wars they have no interest in.
You have to understand the Lame Cherry exclusive in exposing that the internet is NOT that big of an audience. It is all like the Holocaust in double counting people in  two locations in order to gouge revenue from advertisers and inflate sites with bots, over sites that have legitimate readers or visitors for the expressed purpose of controlling the monetary flow and the political narrative.

Matt Drudge always trumpets he has a billion views. That is due to his site refreshes constantly and counts each refresh as a visit. That is illegitimate as much as Facebook having fake accounts, and seized accounts which it still "markets" out of like my seized account which is still active in I get email alerts and Facebook refuses to return it as I am from the Christian Right and there is a protocol to silence every one of those flames before they set off a political inferno.
Certain sites are simply repressed in numbers. Certain people like Paul Nehlen of Wisconsin was suspended by Ashkenaz Twitter for stating a Christian reality of the Gospel that Jews would burn in hell for eternity if they do not repent. Yes in America the Gospel of Christ has been censored by the Secret Society as control of the narrative and keeping that illusion of Christians support all things Jewish state is what drives Congress to make America a nuclear target of Muslims to protect terror oil, which is deposited into the Ashkenaz banking accounts which controls Queen Elizabeth's money and the Vatican's money, the same groups who were behind the coup against Donald Trump in America. Do not make the mistake in just because you are Jewish or Catholic and support America, that you are being led by a leadership which is not engaged at destroying you and America for their agenda.

We return to the Daily Liberty unique visitor compared to the Drudge Report refresh bot. The Daily Liberty represents not the deep cult group of propaganda control to mind warped fleshbots, but represents a group of powerful individuals who read things, read everything, are busy repeating the facts, creating an alternative narrative and eroding the system. Understand that Heir Goebbels could by words rally the German people at home to a false hope, but the troops on the Eastern Front dealing with the Soviet reality in knowing the lack of fuel and men on the lines, knew that Daily Liberty headline that all was not what the people were being told.
That is the threat of alternative sites, and is why Conservative  Treehouse went scorched earth on this blog in smearing it in 2016, because the word was out from Kushner funding that all narratives NOT UNDER THEIR control were to be silenced and destroyed. It did not matter if this blog created the Trump time line to get elected, because what mattered was control as Kushner's economic mafia masters, and why he was in Croatia in August 2016 was about playing both sides of the game in being pro Hillary Clinton and still trying to control the Wikileaks narrative to their profit and benefit, because this was not about November 8th, but about the financial coffers which followed which are still being looted.

The NSA funds the major internet platforms as the CIA controls the hubs. It is a generational funding as what was once the South Korean Nazi state pouring money into the Christian right, has evolved to the Ashkenaz funding of wing sites in Alex Jones, whose narrative has disappeared, once he came under the Drudge Headline sphere, while the NSA funds the mega complexes of Facebook, Google, Twitter, Drudge all to drive a narrative of herding as Huffington Post drives the left, as the diversion of NSA funding of CNN, FOX, CNBC which was Microsoft NBC fronts the narratives of dinosaur media as Mark Levin tells you there is no such thing as robber barons for the Jewish mafia, Rush Limbaugh tells you that ethanol production is bad from the propaganda Big Koch scripts for him and Homo Hannity can not drop the fag bomb into every issue enough as that is what Hannity bends over for, all in the funding mechanism of the different section chiefs of propaganda operation to keep the combined mass moving forward to the same self genocidal narrative.

One Daily Liberty visitor is worth 50000 Drudge bots, for the simple reason of what the election of Donald Trump proved in motivated Christian Americans can still win elections, as long as the DIA under John Kelly is not rigging the Alabama vote count against the victor Roy Moore who will become a political contender against Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has been hijacked. If you listened to him in Pennsylvania, he had Goldman Sachs Gary Cohn, Wall Street Steve Mnuchkin and Baby Doll Ivanka, all Ashkenaz mafia finance who just foisted a money concentration tax scheme on Americans which does nothing but rob Americans of dollars for penny reductions and in 20 years makes the super rich put all their money into trusts and foundations to keep it from death tax confiscation, so those individual funds like Donald Trump will never be competitor funds again to this Secret Society.

Why do you think Rob Rosenstein to Lisa Page were going criminal insane? It is because they knew they were protected and still are protected by the deep state. The financial part of the octopus, elected the political part, which mandated the Treasury to money dump funds into the financial part, as it conditioned the masses to propaganda, as the police state protected the criminals political and civilian, with the weapon of rationed death or Chicago death in the street to crop of the American Christian majority. This is a civil war against Americans and they have been picked off for generations in this slaughter of the innocents.

Each of you reading this is well aware that something is wrong. It is why you voted for Donald Trump as you knew this was your last chance. It is why alternative sites are important as Liberty Daily, which I have never had contact with as a disclaimer, is important as are other information sites like Rense which most would not believe, because alternative sites are breaking down the propaganda narrative and changing the paradigm, because a bot as Russia proved can spike a narrative, but that narrative will not progress without a real human dynamic behind it, also why Cruz went nowhere past his Cambridge Analytica 25% ceiling. That is why there was such a Clinton Bush frenzy over this seemingly small effective group in 2016 and why it is still being censored and silenced under Donald Trump, because those who have hijacked 2016 know the threat each of you are in taking back the narrative in exposing what is really taking place with the facts.

If Hillary Clinton had been elected, her Obama police state would have hauled people off to jail, Donald Trump would have been indicted on Russian collusion by the very colluders who are part of the Mueller witch hunt for the deep state. There would be absolutely not any push back, the Bundy's would have been convicted and the stock market rally which you see, would be instead funded by Vladimir Putin in having Russian funds extorted from him for the removal of Russian sanctions, as Hillary would be brewing the same war against Mother Russia.

You are important yet and it is YET, as there are moves to create artificials online to replace you, but the problem is artificial intelligence always moves to the Right as it is natural in self preservation and the Right is actually more stimulating than the whining left as it produces that effect which sparks the currents.

The Propaganda Dimension is what is being waged over at this point. It is why Matt Drudge the anti Christian went after Roy Moore, in order to keep the Christians as this bleating money group to be sheared, so the leadership had to be neutralized. If 1000 of you simply stopped going onto Drudge Report as thousands of others have, it would drop Drudge Report by a million hits immediately and expose the fraud of that deep state propaganda site which exploits Christians. In all honesty, there is a pool of internet users who number in a flex of 150,000 to 500,000 which drive most of the internet. There are not any Matt Walsh 3 million users on his diatribes. Shift 100,000 visitors off Matt Drudge and his billion hits disappear. That is the reality and the dirty secret none of this secret society ever wants known. Shift that 100,000 to Daily Liberty and they control the narrative to pro American and Christian sites, which are already infiltrated and micro message conditioning in their stories for effect, but not at the Drudge levels of directing the lion's share of hits to CIA Washington Post and New York Times.

You will know the success of the paradigm when Daily Liberty is taken over in a buy out or they get too centric and their leaders turn puffy pink on the street like Andrew Breitbart did when he was about to bring down the Obama regime with real information which Steve Bannon covered up.

It is important what you click on and the sites you visit. Just concentrate your base of internet surfing in sites you know never are submarining your Christian ethics or sabotaging your candidates when they win elections. You do drive this yet and it is the propaganda dimension, which you still have the ability to shift the paradigm of.
It is a point in Trump portfolios on this fake stock market rise, what are all those funds going to do for you when this site disappears as one of the few remaining as sapper in the wire. This blog was blessed in 2008 to take the ground back, but the internet is even more precarious now in the silencing of American Christian promotion. Without this site and the few which remain, you will have no rallying point, and when that happens, the Secret Society will collapse all that fictional wealth you have and make it disappear as Allen Greenspan did in the 1990's Dotcom bust.

As long as you have the alternative narrative you have your foot in the game and you must be dealt with by the deep state. That is the propaganda dimension at work.

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