Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Christian Paul Nehlen Twitter Censored for Gospel of Christ

Brokeback Ben  Shapiro

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Christian Paul Nehlen of Wisconsin Hope to primary treacherous Paul Ryan, has been baited and switched on Twitter with #NeverTrumper Ben  Shapiro of 2016 now prowling the internet as a troll for the Secret Society enlisted for their 30 pieces of silver to bring down Donald Trump, smear innocent Judge Roy Moore and to end the free speech American Rights of Paul Nehlen.

What was Paul Nehlen's crime? He stated the Gospel of Christ, in the Law phase which Jewry controls their masses and extorts shekels out of which promises the curse of Gehenna hell fire to all those who reject Jesus the Christ as the Son of God, the Messiah Savior to the world. Paul Nehlen was banned from Twitter for stating the Truth of the Bible, after repeated baiting by Ben Shapiro to bring about this silencing of an American Christian and the Gospel of Christ.

That is what is being waged across America in Paul Nehlen has been voicing facts in Jesus was not a Jew, but a Galilean which Shapiro WHO IS ASHKENAZ ASIAN keeps stating that Jesus was a Jew, an absolute lie. Nehlen also was crucified for stating it was "Ok to be White" which set off the Shapiro driven trolling for the Secret Society.

Ben Shapiro did everything he could in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord to destroy Donald Trump and elect Hillary Clinton. Ben Shapiro is now earning his 30 pieces being a pied pipe to lead Conservatives to the edge again, where he like Peggy Noonan for Obama in 2008 is going to go Blood Libel on Christian America again.
Mark the words in Ben Shapiro will be out to primary Donald Trump in 2020 for a John Kasich, and when that cripples Trump, Ben Shapiro and his Bill Kristol, Matt Drudge and Jonah Goldberg will elect Hillary Clinton. That is what this entire bait and switch is about, in picking off every Christian Conservative in every primary and to silence them before that primary. This time it was Paul Nehlen for the Gospel of Christ, the last time it was innocent Judge Roy Moore having the election stolen from him in Alabama for a baby butcher democrat, and it will all be coming to an election near you.

That is how far America has been degraded. An American Christian has been silenced for preaching the Gospel of Christ on Twitter. This is why Christians came to America at Plymouth in Christian Religious Freedom, now those bank state forces have overthrown America and are persecuting Americans again.

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