Thursday, January 18, 2018

Come on Donald, be a good lad, there's the boy

John I'll have your coffee for you when you get back,
would you like me to wear the maid's uniform again
and sing the Obama song?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry really does not take Donald Trump serious in his rebuttal of John Amnesty Kelly this morning as we all know that John Kelly is Coup President and his Homeland Nielsen is full bore Lyndsey Graham Amnesty and that Junta Kelly will forge Donald Trump's name to Trumpnesty, as John Kelly runs the White House.

He also still intends for the wall to be paid for by Mexico:
Trump maintains he is still serious about building the wall because we need it for our national security:

We know this as Donald Trump did absolutely nothing when John Kelly put his pedo promoter staff member as a write in candidate against Christian Judge Roy Moore in Alabama.  We know Kelly runs the show as it was Kelly who did Trump Tax and Kelly will do Trumpnesty.

Donald Trump just needs to be a good lad and settle down, give up his smart phone to Junta and let Junta do the tweeting from now on, as Junta went racist and lynched Amarosa, and Junta sits Ivanka on his knee to bounce her to watch her comforting breasts bounce.

John Kelly runs the White House for Obama's 3rd term, so this calling from the prison window by President Trump acting like his in charge is just ludicrous, as if President Trump is in charge, like a Richard Nixon or a Ronald Reagan, he would have canned Kelly's ass, as no one in those Republican Administrations ever got to call the President a moron or contradict the President.

Just be a good boy Donald as John is in charge and everyone knows it. Your tweets are all art of the deal smoke and mirrors again, so give John back the smart phone and let him finish the American Genocide as you call it Make America Great Again.
The WWE ring event is wearing thin in no one with a brain is biting on this any more, because if you were President you would fire this ilk.

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