Thursday, January 18, 2018


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I never thought we would witness a bigger scandal than Watergate
Congressman Mark Meadows in a classified briefing to Congressman Matt Gaetz
Documents were reviewed today by Congressional representatives in a vote by Republicans where democrats attempted to suppress these Justice Department documents which reveal in naming names, confirming what the Lame Cherry and others have been focused on for over a year, that there was a deep state coup against President Donald Trump and IT IS CONTINUING from inside the government.

I desire  to point out that this is not Capitol Hill Blue or Q Anon propaganda, but is a literal presentation of evidence which points directly to operatives within Justice, meaning Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein, Deputy Andrew McCabe, Agent Lisa Page, Agent Peter Strzok and the fired Director of FBI, James Comey, in having orchestrated the corruption of FISA warrants based on the bogus Pissgate Dossier, with the expressed purpose, intention and political operation to overthrow the results of the 2016 AD political election of Donald Trump by the American People, and to in this coup, remove Donald Trump as President.

So you comprehend what the above documents which are in Congressional hands after being forced from the grasp of deep state Justice is instead of a group on a Grassy Knoll in Dallas Texas, instead of a group of plumbers at a Watergate hotel, instead of a group of operatives in Iran Contra, taking out John Kennedy, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, the magic bullet in this was the bazooka file of Pissgate and the corruption of the United States Courts, with full propagada of this in coordinated media leaks, with a nuclear tipped warhead called Pissgate to vaporize the American Democratic Process.

What is being assessed at this moment according to Congressman Matt Gaetz is a full release of these documents for the American People to be made aware of what treason has taken place.
This is a reality as stated beyond Blue and Anon, that once this information is made public, that a host of deep state coup plotters will be fired from Rob Rosenstein on down. Remember in this, that it was Rob Rosenstein who positioned himself in advocating the firing of James Comey, another coup plotter to seize control of the witch hunt against Donald Trump and he has been methodically protecting the deep state assets as certain as if he was  a Chinese agent for Peking.

Many times words are overused. This is not the case as this is damning information against those involved on point on this, but it only touches the tip of the ice berg at Justice who ran this operation, for Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton while they were out of office, with full fake news media support.

The Lame Cherry will note in this specifically, that this was a multi faceted operation which is still ongoing, as it was engaged in Trump Trans in removing Loyalists and Christians with dupes involved as the Kushners, in removing Chris Christie to the smearing of Mike Flynn, and a host of others, and those operatives who were first seeded in as Herbert McMaster, expanded the control and manipulation of the President, to force Donald Trump to appoint John Kelly out of Homeland to completely seize control of the Trump Presidency for Obama's 3rd term.
The names named in the document sourced above, are the coup plotter tip, the ice berg which remains are the traitors who were placed inside the Trump Administration for it's complete overthrow.

This is as contrived of plot as John Wilkes Booth against Abraham Lincoln, but in this case it came from inside the government or the exact purpose of removing Donald Trump from the Presidency. This is Watergate and Iran Contra, which affected American foreign policy and now has two simmering nuclear wars with Russia and North Korea.

As Congressman Gaetz stated, this information must be released to the People immediately, and those named must be removed immediately. There must be an immediate investigation into this coup with full criminal prosecution, spiraling out to the fake news media and those lately appointed advisers to the President who are now in control of the Executive Branch.
America can not wait 3 weeks, there must be immediate action by Congress for the security of America and the President.

God help President Trump to move on this for the security of the United States of America.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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