Monday, January 8, 2018

Donald Trump Legalizes Central American Squatters

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have a question, if you get a traffic ticket from a cop in Minnesota, extorting money from people who are out of state, do you get two years to pay the ticket or do you have to pay it immediately in 30 days or face prosecution?

How about if you owe money to the IRS for Obamacare as Donald Trump broke that promise and did not remove it, can you apply in September for a few more years reprieve or is the IRS going to be hammering you immediately?

Why is it when Americans in America are under the legal spotlight that Americans are afforded no reprieves or extensions, but let these Trump foreign squatters in America taking jobs come up, and these rapists and murderers get to reapply for residence in 9 month grace periods and then get to apply to stay in America forever.

The Trump administration will rescind temporary protected status for 262,500 people from El Salvador who were granted permission to live and work in the United States after two earthquakes rocked their country, senior administration officials announced Monday morning.
Salvadorans who have been in the country for up to 16 years will now be given 18 months to return to home. Recipients will be permitted to renew their TPS status between now and Sept. 9, 2019.

This really pisses me off in the criminal illegals get protection under the law and Americans get hammered. The above quote about deporting is all fraud, because Donald Trump had Homeland extend the "guest worker" program indefinitely so this vermin never has to leave. So to translate the above in Donald Trump talk, "Yeah I got rid of them foreigners............but yeah they will all reapply and be granted visas, whereby Trumpnesty will follow in they will all be made Americans as soon as Donald Trump signs that DACA bill as he sold out America over that Trump Tax ruse."

A senior administration official had told the Washington Examiner in December to expect actions on TPS programs for El Salvador and Syria in 2018.
DHS announced in December that TPS programs for Nicaraguans would conclude in the coming months, though the Salvadoran program has seen the largest number of TPS recipients.
The Trump administration must decide by early June whether to continue temporary protected status for the 57,000 Hondurans who were shielded from deportation after Hurricane Mitch struck Central America in 1998.
In November, the administration announced Hondurans would be given a six-month extension of the Jan. 5, 2018, expiration date as it decides the fate of the program. However, 2,500 Nicaraguan TPS beneficiaries were given 14 months from November to leave the U.S. or apply for a different visa that would allow them to remain in the country.
Similarly, the administration said it would end provisional residency status for 59,000 Haitians who were allowed to work in the U.S. following the 2010 earthquake.

This is all smoke and mirrors, it is BULLSHIT in conning Americans. All this is, is Donald Trump laying a paper trail of "See I got rid of them squatters" and then Trump signs Jeff Flakes amnesty for DACA and that fraud border wall (WHICH IS NOT A WALL AT ALL AS IT HAS HUNDREDS OF MILES OF HOLES IN IT WHICH WILL NEVER BE BUILT) and then Donald Trump will tell you, "See I made a great deal, I got rid of squatters, but made DACA legal, and I kept my promise in building a wall.

No he did not get rid of the squatters as they reapplied and stayed.
No he did not keep his word to Angel Parents who DACA rapists and murders destroyed their children.
No he did not build a wall, he built Trump Swiss Cheese on the border!!!!

Trump's US-Mexico Border Wall Could Be Just 200 Miles Long

Donald Trump's wall along the U.S.-Mexico border could end up being just 200 miles of additional construction, the New York Daily News reports.

You are being lied to again and this is all fake Trump again. Deportation is getting squatters out of America, not giving them a year to reapply while on American welfare as they rape children and murder women, and then when they reapply making them permanent to drop more of these damned anchor babies inside America.

The Foreign Workers of Mar-a-Lago | The New Yorker

The Foreign Workers of Mar-a-Lago The President has a dim view of extending visas to employees in the technology industry. But, when it comes to his club, it's a ...

The Lame Cherry is the only source which as informed you of any of this that Donald Trump is taking illegals and squatters and making them LEGAL so they will become American replacements for you in the American Genocide. That is the reality of thee above quotes and stories. Donald Trump keeps moving the goal posts and telling you he is keeping his word.

You just watch those Trump Supreme Court picks, like Neil Gorsuch the sodomite. They will be just like John Roberts in a flaming liberal queer of the deep state who will rule against Americans at every turn.

This was all covered here by the Lame Cherry one month ago on December 4th, 2017 AD in the human traffick being dumped into America, raping and murdering, as these Latin states have consulates in places like Omaha Nebraska which is as depot to have this vermin appear in your communities.

Lame Cherry: Sarah Root, another Kate Steinle Murdered in America ...
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Donald Trump just made it all legal. This is the Trump Path to amnesty, in Mr. President's BIG BEAUTIFUL DOOR for invasion of America.

Donald Trump pledges to build a 'big beautiful door' in the ...

Donald Trump pledges to build a 'big beautiful door' in the wall he plans to build on the Mexican border