Thursday, January 11, 2018

Donald Trump's 7 11 War

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Ask yourself a question, you Trump Trolls who are burger clapping over ICE raiding 7 11's, as it is sure to become a Sunprancer talking point about how great Donald Trump is keeping his promises, in did 7 11 just start hiring illegals this past week, or has this been going on since Obama?

Then if it is a year old under Donald Trump and that would be John Kelly and his skirt at Homoland Security, then why is 7 11 being targeted with these massive raids?

To enlighten all of you, the 7 11 raids are for COVER. Cover from what? Cover so Donald Trump with John Kelly can point to all of these deportations as proof that Don is keeping America safe, as Don then can sign DACA Dreamer, because he is enforcing the law in other areas.

I have not researched this in what 7 11 is really, but I will bet you that the Japanese conglomerate who controls 7 11 which is steered by the Jew Daniel S. Loeb, is at odds which Trump and Kelly, in other words Seven and I Holdings Co. is not ponying up for the shakedown or is funding something that Trump and Kelly do not like, so you send in ICE to intimdate the owners.
Do not forget in reverse speech by David John Oates, that Mr. President stated he was blackmailing the Mexican Government with ICE.

Loeb has donated to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Friends for Harry Reid, Obama for America, Forward Together PAC, Prosperity PAC, Straight Talk America, and the Volunteer PAC. In 2013, Loeb was a signatory to an amicus curiae brief submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court in Hollingsworth v. Perry, in support of same-sex marriage.
In 2015, Loeb, Paul Singer and Tim Gill helped fund Freedom For All Americans to promote LGBT issues in states and local communities in the United State

Yeah you are looking at Loeb as the fagsexual lobby, along with Paul Singer and are driving sodomy and that will lead to legalized pedophilia into the Republican Party, as this is what took down the innocent Judge Roy Moore. That is why the Ann Coulter link is above, because Colter is the old log cabin feces penis scented politics. She gets her funding from another branch of this sodomite claque.

I digress.........

But you now are aware what is behind Donald Trump's 7 11 War. It is cover for Trumpnesty and the Jappers and this sodomite Jew is at odds with boy Kushner and his silicon Oprah voting wife named Ivanka. That is what drives all of this policy out of 1600 Penn, in "What would Obama do" and "Who is at odds with the Jew Kushner mafia in not showing respect".

That is Donald Trump's War on 7 11, and your first thought in all of this should be from this point on is, "How am I going to get screwed over in this", and in that you will begin to figure things out.

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