Monday, January 8, 2018

Donald Trump's Biggest Mistake

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This blog warned after reading George Stephanopoulos' book on the Clinton years in which he served there, the greatest problem facing Donald Trump was getting his appointments correct. For Clinton, he had that impediment Mario Cuomo blocking the way like a fickle school girl in wanting to be appointed and then wanting to run later for President, and that Mario Problem is what caused the Clinton's to stumble for the first years of his Presidency.

Of all things, all of Donald Trump's problems can be traced to the incorrect appointment of one man barred from serving Donald Trump, as there was a conspiracy against him, his people, along with the Christians and Loyalists who were politicided from this Administration after being instruments of God electing Donald Trump.

The person Donald Trump should have made the lynch pin of his Administration is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Christie like all of the loyalists who came on early in Sarah Palin,  Michelle Bachmann and Jerry Falwell were either ignored or relegated to cheap seat status. Christie though had an entire Cassius Conspiracy against him, as Mike Pence did not want the original Vice Presidential choice around to replace him in 2020, Reince Priebus wanted to be Chief of Staff and Christie was a contender, Jared Kushner did not want Christie or his people around as they put his old man in prison, Ivanka did not want someone more influential than her and Chris Christie was, and Steve Bannon did not want Christie advising on the Trump Revolution. That conspiracy of petty fiefdom is what deprived Donald Trump of his necessary foundation to build the entire Trump legacy on.

 "I can only tell you who ultimately executed on it and that was [Steve] Bannon, [Reince] Priebus, and [Jared] Kushner," he told "They were the three guys in charge and they were the ones who ultimately made that recommendation to the president. And I think they ill served him by doing it."

There always now have to be caveats in this, as the idiotry will accuse the Lame Cherry of wanting a liberal in the Trump White House in Chris Christie. If one reads the archives of this blog, one discovers that my purpose was to surround the President with Christians, Conservatives and Loyalists, which would have offset the immense position that Chris Christie would have had, and if Mr. Christie's liberalism became too pronounced it would have be drown out.
Instead we have a White House where Mike Pence is absolutely worthless in promoting Conservative ideals, and the rest of this Soros infested mob if either Jew Street Shylocks in Cohn, Mnuchkin and the Kushners with these globalists like McMaster, Maddis, Tillerson, Haley, with Clinton Obama voter John Kelly destroying the innocent Judge Roy Moore for a baby butcher in Doug Jones.

Chris Christie could have been cloned for every position in this Trump administration, and we could not have anything as satan awful as 2017 AD in the year of our Lord, in keeping Obamacare, tax genocide for Americans and a witch hunt against the President and his family.

Chris Christie should have been appointed White House Chief of Staff. The disaster of Ivanka bombing Syria, Priebus loosing control  to Katie Walsh and the defeat of Judge Roy Moore, would never have taken place.
Chris Christie as Attorney General would have already prosecuted Hillary Clinton to fill up the news, and the Mueller Comey Schiff witch hunt would have never taken place, as Christie would have protected Donald Trump.

Christie as COS would have gotten one of his people as Attorney General and the same protections would have been afforded the President.

Shortly after the election, Christie was replaced by Vice President Mike Pence on the transition team.
“I just don’t believe this was the president’s decision,” Christie told Politico.

All of Donald Trump's problems originate in the scuttling of Chris Christie and Donald Trump being too inexperienced, too wanton of GOPliter validation and too insecure, to not have the foresight to see the necessity of Chris Christie.
I realize Christie had legal problems, but that all traces back to Bush fam and the liberals who did not want this key element to Donald Trump's success around. It was a Kushner set up in the beach pictures of Chris Christie, just as his star was rising again. Those the President has surrounded himself with have proven they will vanquish anyone to keep their hold on Donald Trump, and while Donald Trump initiates infighting to gain the best performance, Donald Trump in this has absolutely no direction, because all he has are stooges and petty pimps who are serving themselves.

There really are only two appointments worth any merit in the Trump Administration, that is Ryan Zinke at Interior, Mike Pompeo at CIA and Alex Acosta at Labor. The rest of this group is a disaster and Sarah Huckabee Sanders is left thumping the bullies who are being leaked to as Jeff Sessions protects the deep state.

With Chris Christie speaking out, he is voicing his frustration as he was promised things and Donald Trump has not kept his promise. For those who forgot, Christie at the New Hampshire debate when Donald Trump needed someone to do the hard work, went after Trump's Cruz led adversaries and obliterated them for a Trump victory there. Chris Christie made Donald Trump President in that debate, and in return Donald Trump did not protect nor promote the asset that Chris Christie was. Mr. Trump let himself get dealt Mike Pence to rig the primaries at that key moment to get rid of Ted Cruz in what Paul Manafort brought to the game, and when Donald Trump needed a transition team to keep his promises to Americans in Chris Christie, Mr. Trump was manipulated by the worst interests in Jared Kushner of Jew finance, Steve Bannon of the DIA and Reince Priebus of the GOPliters, with Mike Pence skulking around as he always does. Mr. Trump owed the DIA for his protection and position, but this is not Douglas MacArthur DIA, these are political officers who have more in common with KGB minders. The difference is that the Russians are loyal to their people, while this Kelly McMaster lot views Americans as the problem to be eradicated.

The President had 6 months to right this ship of state and he failed. He instead fed the animal of the defense establishment, Wall Street and big oil of the globalist conglomerates. There is not any going back as Donald Trump has so weakened himself, that an impugned Chris Christie would be eaten alive like Robert Bork if he was nominated. It is why Mr. Trump pulls the same cats out of the hat in what was appointed to Homeland ends up at the White House and what got pulled out of Homeland gets plugged back into Homeland, as he has absolutely no political capital to have people now that he needs. It is why Mitch McConnell is bragging that whatever he sends Donald Trump, Trump will sign.
That was one wife appointment from the bottom of the deck in Mrs. Mitch that got Donald Trump the losing pot.

There is not any going back. Donald Trump simply does not have what Bill Clinton had in Leon Panetta, Mack Mclarty or Bill Cohen to serve the President.

This ridiculous WWE act of Steve Bannon as Donald Trump brays from the ring is a diversion which only strengthens the implementation of Obama's 3rd term in polices. Donald Trump was elected President, but he abdicated that job. For a Wall Street tax rapine of America, Donald Trump will give amnesty to Muslim and Mexican rape cock. Mitch McConnell will spend more money than Obama did, in another fraud infrastructure pork barrel and Donald Trump will sign it as all of this is exactly what Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton would have accomplished as President.

America needed Chris Christie for what he would have brought in leadership and direction to Trump policy. This is Donald Trump's biggest mistake and America is paying dear for that mistake.

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