Monday, January 8, 2018

Bending at the Limbaugh for the Trump

Hail Trumpia, the Tower of our Withered Heights

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The problem with Rush Limbaugh has always been, that he is the guy who always tells you before the genocide event, that you are going to enjoy the holocaust.

- Lame Cherry

We start this off with Limbaugh's words in informing his half brains that you would have to look far and wide to find a more conservative administration than Donald Trumps.

"[Y]ou'd have to look far and wide to find a more conservative administration than this one, and you know when Trump gets in the least trouble is when he does conservative things," he said. "The more conservatism in Trump’s agenda, the more popular he becomes, the more support he ends up having and the greater success he enjoys in implementing his agenda."
As an example, Limbaugh pointed to the Republicans' failed attempt to pass an Obamacare repeal and replace bill, which he described as having "nothing conservative" about it. "It’s a good thing it went down in flames, because it didn’t repeal and replace Obamacare," he said.

Let us look not so far and wide:

Gerald Ford

Chief of Staff Alexander Haig 1974
Donald Rumsfeld 1974–1975
Dick Cheney 1975–1977
Secretary of Health,
Education, and Welfare

Caspar Weinberger 1974–1975
F. David Mathews 1975–1977

George W. Bush

Vice President

Dick Cheney 2001–2009

Secretary of State Colin Powell 2001–2005
Condoleezza Rice 2005–2009

Secretary of Treasury Paul O'Neill 2001–2002
John W. Snow 2003–2006
Henry Paulson 2006–2009

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld 2001–2006
Robert Gates 2006–2009

Attorney General John Ashcroft 2001–2005
Alberto Gonzales 2005–2007
Michael Mukasey 2007–2009

It will surprise you that Bill Clinton had Conservative William Cohen as his Defense Secretary and Barack Obama had Conservatives Chuck Hagel and Leon Panetta.

So let us look at Rush Limbaugh's assessment of this great Trump Conservative Cabinet:

Herbert McMaster a McCain liberal working for Soros

John Kelly as Chief of Staff and Homeland Security, a dripping Obama and Clinton liberal.

Rex Tillerson, Mr. Open Borders and Global Warming.

Dina  Powell a favorite of Hillary Clinton.

Gary Cohn, Mr. Goldman Sachs in the definition of  the Obama voter.

Jared and Ivanka Kusher, the greatest Christian left hating duo to ever occupy space in the West Wing.

Donald Trump has nothing but leftists, globalists, democrats and traitors in the top positions, as Mr. Trump refers to his good friends of conglomerate stooges Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell keeping Obamacare and foisting the coup de grace of death taxation by genocide in the Trump Tax, which of course is what Limbaugh is scripted to gush over.

But the opposite is true of Trump's $1.5 trillion tax cut. "Now, that is something, and that’s legitimate and that’s real, and the benefits of that tax cut are already being experienced, and they have yet to really kick in," said Limbaugh. "We’ve had company after company after company announce hiring, announce bonuses. We have American corporations with a lot of money parked overseas. They’ve announced they’re gonna repatriate it for a one-time, 10% tax.

If I hear one more pronouncement that billion dollar corporations handing out cheap ass 1000 dollar bonuses over Christmas as some generous thing, I will have to post the reality which Limbaugh will not inform you of.

1.  Paying bonuses is a tax deduction, so in other words YOU PAY for these bonuses as they are deducted, and you doubly pay as this cost is then passed onto the public in higher bank rates and phone calls.
2.  These conglomerates paid  these bonuses under the old tax deductions and the workers receiving them pay taxes under the Obama rates which pushed  numbers of them into a higher bracket.
Another reality you have not been told is unions negotiated numbers of these bonuses and  they are going  to foreign visa workers and NOT Americans.

The above is around a billion dollars in tax deductions for the conglomerates, while the workers are paying taxes on the billion dollars to Donald Trump. (Whispering to you in do you remember Donald Trump broke his word in not getting rid of Obamacare? Rate are spiking all across America, Virginia is over 265% in rate hikes and Obamacare penalizes people for "earning too much".)

Obamacare Premiums Set to Unnecessarily Skyrocket 265% in Virginia This Year

......and this little Limbaugh corker that he did not address.

AT&T is laying off an estimated 600 employees after ...

AT&T is laying off an estimated 600 employees after announcing $1,000 bonuses for more than ... Why did only 20,000 out of ... on age and pay scale. Bonuses mean a ...

What do you really expect from a bunch of Shylocks and Liberals of New York Values? Rush Limbaugh is doing what he always does in he plays his flute like the Pied Piper to have the rats jump over the cliff for the elite as that is his job.

Donald Trump's cabinet is equal to Bill Clinton's in being leftist, but as communist as Birther Hussein Obama. That is why there are not any Christians in the Trump staff or cabinet, and why every policy is Pence Mafia, Jew Street or Globalist. There is nothing that Donald Trump has not done, where some sodomite or conglomerate has not cleaned up like a robber.

You are being lied to for a purpose so you wasted all of 2017 AD in the year of our Lord, cementing Obama's 3rd term. The only people who have been rewarded are the groups that cleaned up in Obama high energy and food price created shortages, and Donald Trump is giving away the store so with increased production these robber barons will take your food and oil for pennies and sell it back to you at 1000 percent profits, in competition with Eurasians abroad and Muslims and Mexicans at home.

I realize all of you want to be lied to and told everything is going to be the yellow brick road. I could lie to all of you and sucker you to donate, but I answer to God and I must state the Truth. I do this by not being a paid shill like most of the rest feeding you Trumptopia rose mic phrases.

I only ask that each of you answer if anything Donald Trump did anything for you in 2017 that you can point to in your life is what you voted for in 2016? My greatest concern from experience in this, is that you are going to be distracted in 2018, and when 2019 rolls around, you are going to be told Obamacare fines are off, as you notice you have less money with Trump tax breaks, because of Trumpflation selling your energy overseas to foreigners and jobs going to foreigners.
I fear you are going to get pennies dropped into your pocket as these policies rob dollars out of your wallets.

Except for Ronald Reagan or Richard Nixon, when has anyone in DC ever engaged in a policy that helped you, and was not like HW Bush rewarding bankers, Clinton rewarded Wall Street and Obama the nation rapists.
If Donald Trump's policies of 2017 were Reagan or Nixon, I would be celebrating, but they not. Do you really think these multi billion dollar conglomerates bringing money in, are going to make any of that money come to you? Or will it be more cheap nigger labor that Donald Trump is importing.

Obama funded his rapine with debt. Donald Trump will fund his draining America of oil. This is not what you voted for in 2016 AD and once you realize this is just another scam, you are not going to be in favor of any of this.

Donald Trump is the Hoover of the 21st century.

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