Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Donald Trump's Honey Hole and Shit Hole

The above is a map of Mexican Drug Cartels active in the United States.
Why is Donald Trump not doing a  thing about this organized crime?


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is going to be a short post as I  am not in the mood, but  it reflects my personal experiences with imported Mexicans into the United States  as of today, January 17th, 2018 AD in the year of our Lord. This is important, because I do not believe President Trump in the least any more on his Amnesty. Everything he does looks to me as a smokescreen  for Amnesty for foreigners to replace all Americans, because what I am witnessing in my community does not fit the Trump rhetoric.

Today in the grocery, I saw seven very 20 year old, thin, loud, light skinned Mexican breeders, all seven of them. These are dairy stinkers, as they stink like dairy barn disinfectant. Do not fear though, as they will appear in your neighborhood as these nigger jobs will have these people moving up to your jobs as these bling peons always move on in a month, as that is how they bring the human traffick into America.

Do not miss in this, the BLING, as these are all well dressed beaners. These are NOT the Obama illegals of those  fat, ugly, dark skinned peons of advanced age. These are the Trump LEGALS who have been pouring into America since John Kelly took over to make these all legal Americans as they have open ended working visas now, and that came from Trump's Homeland.

Trump Honors Immigration Hawk Democrat Barbara Jordan As DACA Amnesty Fight Heats Up

It is why I do not believe for a second that blonde who runs Homeland in Nielsen in her going to arrest Rahm Emanuel in Sanctuary cities. It is all a smokescreen, because Trump can honor Barbara  Jordan who know these peons were driving Blacks out of the  American Dream, and Trump can window dressing census questions, but it does not do a damn thing, as what the problem is, is this wholesale invasion of legalized invasion of the United States of America by Donald Trump's policy.

What is the point in asking beaners who Trump legalizes as Citizens when they are murdering cops and civilians? It does not mean a fiddler's damn!

America is finished, because she can not survive the changed demographic of anti Christian Jesuit Mexicans out of the Vatican and anti Christian Muslims out of the Vatican. This is by design and two races are going to be exterminated in this in a generation  and that is the Black and the White American races.
Tucker Carlson finally spoke of this in you can not introduce wholesale all of these foreign vermin and preserve the Israelite Anglo Saxon work  ethic and responsibility. There is a reason Mexico is a shit hole. There is a reason every Muslim nation is a shit hole. There is a reason Sweden has been turned into a shit hole, and there will be a reason why America and Canada becomes a shit hole, as without a Christian White and Black group to preserve the nation, all that will be left to rule is the conglomerate Nazi police state. There is purpose behind all of these policies and  the President is not doing a thing to keep the American Genocide from taking place as I am watching a massive influx of bling beaners into America, and they are here to replace Americans.

Donald  Trump is nothing but a smokescreen. Just as I told you that Steve Bannon was nothing but another Trump WWE event, where Bannon just appeared before Congress and stated the White House would not allow him to answer all questions. Does that sound like enmity between Trump and Bannon when Bannon is protecting the President yet?
It is all there before us, in this Trump smoke and mirrors. He is in Trump clappers releasing talking points that sounds like he is doing something, but then I see more legalized Trump foreigners pouring into the United States.
You can bet John Kasich is nothing but a strawman for Trump to knock down in 2020 to siphon off the real Trump primary resistance in people who should be the standard bearer as Donald Trump keeps handing out checks saying he is paying the bills, but he never signed any of them.

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