Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Why are South Dakota Republicans running a Pedophile Protector for Governor?

My life is based on running the shit out of children to teach them discipline
and protecting pedophiles while crushing innocent Citizens, which 
I call the donut philosophy of life...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For some reason I get signed up by some asstard political wonks, whether it is Obama or Republican, so I get these asstard emails asking me for money all the time. I had to look up who this moron is, but when I figured out he is the Attorney General of South Dakota who has been covering for that Mutard Governor who is supposed to be Republican but runs things like Obama's communist cousin, it all made sense when I got this email in how damned stupid it was.

Dear Voter, 

Cal Corey was my track coach when I was a middle-distance runner for Sturgis High School.  Coach Corey inspired us to be better students and athletes.  He taught me the importance of hard work and helped me develop the discipline to train hard so I could reach my greatest potential.  He taught me the value of teamwork and working together to succeed. 
I learned to develop mental toughness which not only got me through training and races, but has helped me in dealing with challenges throughout my life.  Coach Corey also taught me how to be a strong leader both on and off the track.  I am grateful for the lessons Coach Corey taught me and they still apply today.


Marty Jackley

Here let the Lame Cherry write this up so it makes sense:

Dear Sucker,

Donuts were my life in high school as they inspired me to be a better student. Donuts taught me the world was round and empty in the middle. Donuts taught me how to always try and fill in the middle, whether it was jelly or cream in the center, I have always driven myself to put something in the center to reach my greatest potential. Donuts taught me teamwork as what is anyone if they do not have a donut.

Donuts taught me to be tough, as you never lose sight of the fact that as you eat around the edges, pretty soon you are only left with that donut hole in the middle. That helped me deal with things all my life. Donuts taught me that both in and out of school. I am grateful for the lessons that donuts taught me and they still apply today.


Marty Jackley.

When I read the above, I thought, "Who the fuck is Coach Corey and why in the hell should I trust this Jackley to tell me to trust him, because I should trust my life to a moron who based his entire life on a man whose entire life was running the hell out of children for absolutely no reason".
I remember phy ed and track and my coaches. They all sucked shit. One bastard ran us like dogs as he pedaled his girl bike. That same one hit me with a ball once and left a big red mark. Another coach liked bullying kids and was a real loser. The last one was a fat bastard who created his own fitness levels based on Tarzan. He gave up coaching and became a Lutheran preacher.

Basing your live on  a loser who was not skilled enough to get to the college ranks or the Olympics but be stuck in horseshit Sturgis South Dakota....yeah there is another reality in Sturgis, home to that biker rally where more  fornicating goes on that Sodom and it terrorizes all the local communities.

Given the above, I figure Marty Jackley is about as ready to run a state as any 12 year old. I mean he sent out thee most ridiculous fund raising con job to legally steal money from people, and when you replace donuts for coaches, you pretty well understand what a fool this Jackley is.
Reminds of that moron Jimmy Carter who was asking Amy Carter about nuclear war policy. Yeah Jimmy thought it would sucker voters with the soft sell, and Jackley thinks he is going to sucker people in that touching teacher mentor story. Yeah I based my life on an loser who ran the shit out of me and I want to do the same thing to South Dakota.

Allegations Against Jackley Hit National Spotlight - The ...

"South Dakota Rape Scandal Exposes Alleged Criminal Wrongdoing by Attorney General Marty Jackley ... 9 comments for " Allegations Against Jackley Hit National ...

I mean Geez Louise, what the frick is the South Dakota GOP doing with this running monkey in he is the attorney general and is joined that pussy to a rape scandal???

For years, 6’9” 310 pound Richard Mette raped & tortured his adopted Lakota Indian daughters at the home he shared with his wife Wendy Mette in the town of Aberdeen, South Dakota. The abuse went on for years, including sickening details like forcing his daughters to choose between “Beating or BJ.”
Richard Mette Mugshot / South Dakota State Sex Offender Registry
Richard Mette Mugshot / South Dakota State Sex Offender Registry
In 2010, Richard Mette would be charged with 23 counts of rape of child under ten years old and related charges. Wendy Mette would also be arrested and charged with 11 counts of abuse or cruelty to a minor.

And guess who protected this serial pedophile? Marty Jackley and his other cronies in the Mutard regime.

It gets even more Bundy in Nevada in Marty Jackley protected his cronies and then went after the innocent people who were trying to protect the attorney from Jackley's pedophile.

The combination of the NPR exposé and Schwab’s conflict of interest revelation created an immediate pushback from Dorsett, working in concert top law enforcement officials in South Dakota at the direction of Attorney General Marty Jackley.
Within days, a secret plea deal was made to drop all charges against Wendy Mette, and AG Marty Jackley gave the order that investigating Schwab and Taliaferro for witness tampering was the “top priority” of Division of Criminal Investigation agent Mark Black. Dorsett filed a false affidavit, Schwab alleged, and the homes and offices of Taliaferro and Schwab were raided and their computers seized.
South Dakota State’s attorney Michael Moore officially dropped all charges against Wendy Mette and dropped 22 of the 23 charges against Richard Mette, who was given a 15 year sentence for years of taxpayer subsidized rape and torture of his adoptive daughters. The girls were ordered to be sent back to live with Wendy Mette, which ended any lawsuit against the State or the DSS.
Victim’s Advocates Are Arrested & Hounded By South Dakota
Schwab and Taliaferro were arrested and charged with witness tampering and subornation of perjury. They faced forty years in prison. When the trial eventually happened, the state’s case against Taliaferro & Schwab was so weak that the Judge took the almost unheard of step of stopping the trial halfway through after the prosecution rested. Two charges had been dismissed by the state, and the Judge threw out the rest.

Someone should be asking President Donald Trump just exactly what his Republican party is running in John Thune South Dakota, as this is not Roy Moore fiction, but a pedophile protection ring in South Dakota. This is something that Obama protected, but it demands a federal inquiry by Attorney General Jeff Sessions as Marty Jackley according to the Breitbart article had Jackley as president elect of all United States Attorney Generals.
A pedo protector is in charge of all state law enforcement in America?

AG Jackley is the President-Elect of the National Association of Attorneys General, who begin their Winter Meeting on Monday. Our press conference will be held across the street from the NAAG event, just before the NAAG conference opened.
 Jackley looks like a twin of the corrupt James Comey in being inside the law enforcement system and unleashing it on innocent Americans like Donald Trump.
 Oh and the Judge in the case against the innocent people trying to protect Indian children, threw the case out as it was pure horseshit in there was not any evidence.

The question is, who in the hell is donating money to this pedo protector and why are they dumping money into South Dakota?