Monday, January 15, 2018

HAARP'S Lava Flow Weather

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As I type this on Sunday evening, most of you are about to experience the effects of something I observed today, which was a magnificent  display of HAARP, being capable of generating the next Arctic Bomb in America, designed to drop temperatures, to make you burn up what foreigners do not want in large amounts of propane and fuel oil. America has large supplies of these fuels, due to production the past years and now under Mr. President, Big Oil is being catered to by the Pentagon in creating a most unique cold weather surge after California was baked all summer.

If you remember I noted about two weeks ago, a most bizarre situation, as a small surge of  cold  air plunged upslope, up the Red River Valley of the North, and simply ceased as it was overcome by west to east air flow in five hours.
This could not happen and yet it did.  What followed was the record outbreak of cold across the United States, to burn more fuel to enrich those in power.

What followed this was a massive surge of air north for a 24 hour period, where not a great deal of warming took place, but was followed by temperatures close to 40 degrees in January on the Northern Great Plains. That appears to have been what the normal temperature should have been if HAARP had not been plunging America into vicious cold for most of December.

On Sunday, something again bizarre took place. One needs to explain this, as in winter, America often receives Clippers from Canada, which are powerful Lo pressure systems, which create ground blizzards and often effect to Texas are what is normal in wide arcing fronts usually from Montana to Minnesota.
Sunday though revealed instead a plunging thrust, over a narrow area of the space between the Red River and the Missouri River.
Canadian fronts are supposed to hit like a summer storm, in warm weather, followed by a snow blast, strong winds and then clearing.  On Sunday, it snowed for several hours in warm conditions, and then the wind struck for under an hour, and then this cold Canadian air continued to seep south.

Canadian fronts do not manifest as the above took place, exactly as the small surge took place earlier, which can not have manifested, and yet it did.

I am more interested in the ability of HAARP as the evidence reveals that HAARP can create a current of air disrupting weather patterns as the Red River anomaly and HAARP can generate a rather torpedo current of air to plunge temperatures.

What appears to be the case though in this La Ninia, is that HAARP can create outbreaks, but it still requires energy behind it's fronts to sustain them. The cold December shift bled a great deal of frigid air to America, but required a shifting of Siberian air, into Canada which was achieved to fuel the Arctic air which caused Americans to spend all their money to keep warm.
This puff of Canada, had an American exhale and created those 40 degree temperatures. Followed by one more plunge, and this is important, because a second wave of cold traditionally like this should set in 25 degree below zero temperatures on the Great Plains, which should enter Texas, and this cold should stagnate over America to February. Instead it is 20 below on Monday and it will be 30 degrees on Wednesday.
That is a 50 degree change in temperature which is common in Chinook winds in Montana, but this does not happen in Minnesota.
That points to HAARP is a wicked weather maker, but it still requires a cold pool to sustain that weather.

I simply do not appreciate the suffering and death to Americans and animals, as the cold is not driving the Mexicans or Muslims out to their gathering locations, as they are welfare warmed.

To use weather to rob the poor and enrich the conglomerates is a wicked endeavor.

This blog has observed the wickedness of these experiments for a number of years from double cold fronts out of Canada plunging temperatures, while for some reason, there is no such things as a double warm front ever warming America to save fuel.
Now America has these cold flows like rivers of lava producing situations which are not based in the foundations of weather.

Over a week ago, the National Weather Service predicted that January would moderate mid month, and here it comes, after two Arctic plunges, right on cue. Exactly as the NWS knows what changes will appear to the day, and they still can not project what the hell the temperature is for certain the next day.

This simply a record to make the world aware, because no one else will do this. I simply believe that Americans deserve better treatment than to be robbed by using an atmospheric generating device which is supposed to protect them not pilfer them.

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