Monday, January 15, 2018

Jonny Q Anon

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a question in this which each of you needs to answer. So if you knew that you were going someplace today, and the police were going to shoot you, would you go?
Ok so you would not go.
Now answer this, if you knew the police were going to shoot you, would you go to that same location in a few weeks, knowing the police were going to shoot you?
Ok so you would still not go.

That is the problem with Q Anon, he posts that Mr. President is going to be offed by Theresa May in London, so Mr. P is not going, but is only delayed.......which means Mr. P is an asstard as if you would not go to a place where you would be shot, that you would not be stupid enough to go to the place later as you would be shot again. So in Q illogic, Mr. P is more stupid than you are, and basically than a deer as even a deer knows enough to stay away from danger.

Q Anon, 19 year old male, waiting on college. Father is DOE employee, mum does not work. Good neighborhood.
Q clearance is DOE secure information, so he blundered upon a fascinating asstard niche of information to wow his troll friends to make them look stupid, and they are no  longer his friends, so now he enjoys wowing you online to make you look stupid, which a percentage of people like online.

There is a technique to control a dialogue and place yourself into a position of power which bastardizes teaching, and that is the continuous line of questions that you have absolutely no way of knowing the answer, but the questioner states they in Mr. President in London in creating that narrative which can absolutely not ever be verified.
There is a technique in creating compartmentalization of information as Sunprancer does  in 'This means this and this', to build a false narrative and that is Jonny Q does on his quest to lead you around in something you really want to believe.

For those who are ignorant of the times, during Bush43, George Soros funded Capitol Hill Blue, which spews the same things Jonny Q posts in massive indictments and arrest. I remember Steve Quayle, that moron out of Montana who George Nouri keeps putting on Coast to Coast AM, was in orgasmic meltdown one night in believing Capitol Hill Blue and "his sources" because they had the entire Bush administration being arrested that night.
It did not happen, just like John Podesta has not been arrested, which is another thing Q Anon predicted which has not come true.

What needs to be understood and I posted on this long ago, is there are Mentalists. A Mentalist is  someone who claims to know things that no one else would know, and yet all they are doing is assessing a person or a situation, gleaning Sherlock Holmes clues to create reasonable conclusions, and once the crowd is pumped on a 50% correct rate after the first easy hook, the Mentalist sows in information which is spectacular which can never be checked out.
It does not matter if Q Anon is punking the asstards on 4 Chan, and if you bother to read the feedback on this guy, you soon discover that people are seeing through the reading on stage, or if Q Anon is just a punk enjoying the stage to validate himself for a moment in time as everyone likes playing secret agent until the FBI shows up and rips your hard drive out, because something you overheard daddy talking about was classified and should not have been hinted at in a post.

I study forensic psychology. I study linguistics in speech patterns. I study patterns. I will not reveal how I have come to a conclusion on Q Anon in his patterns, but I do recognize a speech pattern and thought pattern, and I know exactly the group he is hearing it from. He has a fringe connection to those who have a sometime association with the people who associate with real power. This group gets 75% of their insider information wrong and the 25% they get right is because it is the absolutes which will happen like Lindsey the prophet in all of his contacts croaked, so he no longer has any information fed to you.

If you like being played, then get played. It is a simple stage act of professorism to wow the mob who wants to believe something. There is talent involved, but if you like being around children who manipulate you, I suspect most of you have children and grandchildren who are little heathens driving you up the wall already.

I can tell by your handwriting Cho that you are Asian

Again if you want to be Q Anon, just start asking questions of people to annoy them in some asstard thing you figured out. Then salt in some shit that is sensational which can never be confirmed, and then disappear. You will con about 1/4 of the crowd, who will start posting what a clairvoyant you are, and your star will be born, until someone corners you in a real danger situation which requires a life and death answer, and then you will have a 50% chance of being wrong, and in most cases you will blow it and be exposed for the fraud you are.
Enjoy the Capitol Hill Blue Moon Burger if that is what you like, but just remember  macaroni is not meat.


Odds are the punking will run it's course and then that slot in college will open up next term and this will all disappear, except the part about hiding behind computer screens, unless of course some problem child posted something daddy said which was  classified, then the FBI will appear in this Robert Mueller age and then a different type of inmate schooling will be mandated and daddy and mummy will refrain, "What the hell were you doing!!!"

There is a reason I was not paying attention to any of this.

Nuff Said