Friday, January 12, 2018

He said, She said, Shit Hole said.........

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

So ask yourself what is SHITHOLE GATE covering up, because that is what this diversion is all about. It is about riling up everyone again by design, as Mr. President who says he is in love with DACA, now is being fickle, as the DACA mistress is left wanting and all of you are revved up over SHITHOLE.
So ask yourself, do you really desire to be defending Donald Trump on whether he said shithole or did not say shithole.

In this, we know for a fact that in the meeting there would have been he man Donald, she girl Dick Durban and the IT in Lindsey Graham, along with Junta John Kelly, as he rides around on Long John Donald's shoulder like a pirate's parrot.

Stop being sucked into the WWE arena. If you need your fix  of this go watch the McMahon production in whoever are the soap opera wrestlers, as that is all this is.

The Lame Cherry states this for your sakes, because you were used up in 2016 and burned out in 2017 in the Trump Drama. More will come in these diversions, and here is something for you to consider as there were a finite number of people in that meeting..........perhaps they all agreed to this, to give themselves DACA cover, to keep you confused like on Obamacare and Trump Tax, so you will not focus on what is going on.

I will give you a peek in the insider little black book to open your eyes. Just like on Obamacare in 2019, Trump Tax for Wall Street......just like George W. Bush on Patriot Act written before 9 11 and Kennedy Education written for W, DACA has already been written. They all know what is going to be passed and this is all a stage show to just wear you down so you will accept anything as you always do.

I really hope you got that part, in Donald Trump could have named every person in that room, and then had Sarah Huckabee Sanders source who leaked this story first, but Mr. President did not do this to expose who was behind it, because do you think like on submarining Judge Roy Moore, that Mr. President was in on this too as part of the art of the deal?

He said, She said, Shit Hole said.

Nuff Said