Friday, January 12, 2018

Lights even in the Shit Hole of the NFL

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is not any secret that I no longer watch professional sports. The NFL is a fixed game, rigged and is nothing but a spiritual rape of Americans, America and her traditions in liberal Godless rapine. Like all things, even the Trump Administration, there are good people in these shit hole realms of evil. I feature two who came to my attention as they deserve credit.

Both are Quarterbacks for Christ. The first is Caron Wentz, a former Bison, who is the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles who is now injured, but was out hunting and took a great deal of grief for posting the above photo with his puppy, but as he says, "I only post about two things, Jesus and hunting, both I love".

The other is the Viking's Quarterback, who has overcome so very much to lead his  team into the playoffs in Case Keenum. His story is one of hard work like Kurt Warner, and when the time came, he was lifted to the top as his prayer is to always Glorify God.

Until the day that the NFL has a 100% majority of Americans playing the game who are Americans, I will not be watching that game again, but in stating that, I was moved to show there are lights even in that shit hole of the NFL.
They deserve support in Christian unity, even when the game, the league, the owners and the players do not.