Saturday, January 6, 2018

Jerry Van Dyke, the best Van Dyke

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I always had a great admiration for Jerry Van Dyke, as being the brother of Dick Van Dyke who ruled America from the 1960's onward had to be a trial for Jerry, as you have to wonder why you could not get a break in what his brother had and he did not.

Jerry Van Dyke's one big role was in John Wayne's McClintock, as a nifty dude, everyone hated as he as such a dork. That was until he was cast on Coach with Craig T. Nelson and the character Jerry played in Luther Van Dam, made everyone forget Dick Van Dyke, as in reruns, Dick is not the least bit funny anymore.

Jerry though shown with a comedic light, and Barry Kemp (the creator of Newhart) found one of the strangest teams in Nelson, Fabres and Van Dyke to produce a timeless comedy. Nothing fit better than the stupid Luther with the shallow Coach.

You are suppose to feel sad when people die, but I have only happy memories  of Jerry Van Dyke in how much I admire him. This is a man who lived in his brother's shadow for 25 years, before his opportunity came, and then he created a character which will always be endearing in comedy, as Alan Hale on Gilligan's  Island or Larry Hovis on Hogan's Heroes.
I am glad that Jerry is no longer suffering from medical complications, because the joy he brought and is still bringing is the gift he brought to the world. Most people would have given up in having a legend as a brother, but not Jerry Van Dyke. He proved that he  was the Laurel and Hardy of this generation.

God be with Jerry's wife, Shirley, and all who mourn, because he gave a rare gift to this world in perseverance through the tears brings laughter.

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