Saturday, January 6, 2018

Kershaw Model 1790


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After the crappy day I have just had, it is nice to get a letter from Captain Kirk who was offering to send me an assisted opening knife. Others have offered to arm me, put me in pots and pans, to books, but my concern is too close of contact might make people popular with those in alphabet agencies, so I relish in the offers as the thought does count.

As for the crappy day or days, I got the cattle fed, meaning I got ready in opening fence, turning off the electric fencer, and was looking forward to a nice warm up, when I plugged the fencer in  and it would not work. Yes it worked just fine when I unplugged it, so I put a back up on, and it worked, and the next day it kept tripping the breaker. So as the other one warmed up and seemed to work, I put it back, but there  was not much of a spark,  so plugging through snow, I checked fence....still did not work worth a chit, and here I sit, wondering about fencers  and the great news of another dead cat, or two, and things seemed to have walked off in not being where they should be in the house in a 4 hour search today, so I sat down and here was Captain Kirk's letter.

Oh how I wish I had a way to send you things. Read your post on assisted opening knives - One that I used to carry - Kershaw model 1790 (they don't make them anymore), with their "speedsafe" assisted opening (looks like they use the liner lock as a spring to open it). It opens faster than most "real" switchblades, decent steel (Swedish stainless I think - 13crMOV) and very solid - definitely a generational knife. I think I paid around $35 for it. I like a "toothy" edge (medium grit stones only), and this one has an edge that will bleed you if you look at it funny. If I had a way to get it to you, I'd be proud to have you carry it. Handle is a bit small for me, and I like big folders (4"+ blades) for my carry (this one is 3"). If you ever have a way for me to mail it - it's yours, as well as some other things I'd love to give you. Just thinking about you guys.


This letter really lifted my heart and was just what I needed in being thought of. I like reading the judgments of others on products. I also like steel talk as most people have no idea about blade steel and the attributes of them.
For those not familiar with knives, just think of Rex Applegate, or the knife you have seen in old war movies. That is about as complete as a killing tool since the Romans set the legions out with their cutting edges.
Knife play is difficult as they get slippery with lubrication in use, and that means a good grip is a necessity, along with a guard as one does not want to hit a bone and end up slicing your fingers off as your hand slips off the handle onto the blade. There is a great deal of thought in a military or carry knife in the design. Those that work are few and those one regrets are many, like the one I posted on from Remington.

It is an odd thing about edges, in the sharper the edge like a razor blade feels like a burn to me when cutting, while I have found myself bleeding with a Schrade out of the box in not being aware I had even sliced myself.

Actually I am playing with now a fish bat. At least it is hanging in the doorway and I am banging my head on it daily. I once saw a black in hospital that a state trooper cracked his skull open with a baton, and that guys head was swelled up twice normal. Odd the damage the police do and still have a fondness for firearms.
I am thinking now of designing one out of a large bolt and various things to make it user friendly.

It is nice being thought of and nice that I now can go look up this knife and study it, and as you can see I looked this knife up while typing this up and that Kershaw will get you there and back.

I like ending the day this way. It  put a smile on my face and as I watch Raymond Burr scowl at Godzilla, I think that someone should have made a movie called BURRZILLA. You could just see Raymond Burr eating Japan, until the heroine whipped out her fast action knife and cut his testicles off as nothing tames nuclear mutant monsters faster than cutting three testicles off Godzilla.  Most people do not know that is the secret of monsters in they have 3 testicles. Big Foot, Swamp Thing, Elvira......they all have 3 testicles.

That Kansas girl is even prettier in person than in character. Just joking about Elvira and 3 testes as that is called comic reverse.