Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Leaving this world to those still warring over it

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I was thinking today about Maureen Reagan and her husband Dennis. There is an interesting story of the time they were in the Lincoln Bedroom, and Dennis woke up and saw Abraham Lincoln standing there. President Reagan laughed when he heard about the sighting and told Dennis to send him down the hall as the President had a few questions for Lincoln.
Maureen not long after that, awoke to a man standing in the room, looking out the window in a red robe. She thought at first it was her father, and then she noted that she could see through the apparition, which turned and looked at her and then vanished.

The Lincoln Bedroom was where Abraham Lincoln did a great deal of work as those rooms were his offices. There have been a number of people who have seen Lincoln in the White House and the staff is aware of his presence.
Mrs. Reagan once said she was straightening a picture in the room when a maid came in and said, "He has been here again".

That started me thinking about things as I wondered if he was there again, then where is Abraham Lincoln other times as he is not a constant in the White House. The Reagan's dog one night ran down the hall and started barking at the door of the Lincoln Bedroom, and refused to go in as President Reagan went to check what the dog was barking at.

I did an inquiry about this as I was curious. I wondered if President Lincoln was at his tomb, or at his home in Illinois, or at his son's grave, or perhaps at Ford's Theater or some other place. What came to me was a fitting and logical answer, like Four Score and Seven Years ago.........

What place would a murdered President go, who was burdened and saddened by the Civil War in all of the horror which it brought as things were done which no American should engage in against another American.  Abraham Lincoln when not in the White House is at Gettysburg, in the battlefield, which is one of the most haunted of places in the United States.
What would be a more fitting place than a President among the Soldiers who sanctified that hallowed ground.

I can not speak for Lincoln and would not, nor did I inquire, but I would feel that Abraham Lincoln feels regret and whether solace or catharsis, Gettysburg is the place they all in Confederate and Union mourn together.

Those who do not go toward the light. sometimes do not know they are dead, sometimes are afraid of the light in failing and sometimes have things left unfinished. With Lincoln it is things unfinished.

I would think it strange to be in the White House and see his offices changed, the White House changed, and to know one is no longer alive nor President. Yet he returns to the Lincoln office and stares out the window at a world which finished for him over 150 years ago.

I would that I could help the President and those at the battlefields to have them all go home as they should rest and leave this world to those still warring over it.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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