Monday, January 15, 2018

Less sugar and Lots of spice

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

TL always says my pets have attitude and they get it from me. Apparently in runs in family Cherry and keeps cropping up due to genetics as I was speaking with a cousin of mine who was here who related the following story about his 8 year old daughter.

He said he received one night a text from his little girl's friend, forwarding what his little girl had texted her. The contents were quite exact in:

Shut the fuck up, you bitch.

 The father was telling me, "Yeah that kid is all Cherry. She don't take shit from anyone."

My response in hearing that story was I laughed and said, "Way to go!"

See the Snowflake Syndrome is genetically not what is in our bloodlines. I do not care how many generations it is,  how much introduction of new lines appear in marriages, because the majority of the offspring are all the same in having attitude.

The story was the father went in to talk to  the kid about this, and she was pretending she was asleep. Obviously a very good trait to have in being deceptive. As a parent it appeared more to the point to act shock and state that one must act civil, but it was like that little Ralphie in the Christmas Story, saying the F word. The father smiled and told the mother what her son had said and he got poisoned by Lifeboy soap in his mouth.

I am quite proud of this little girl. She is not going to be led around by asstards and is going to speak up for herself. TL noted to me, "I hope her father told her that next time to not be stupid and put it into writing so there was a record of it". Now that part did not occur to me, but as you can see TL compliments my attitude a great deal.

I  think it was a positive lesson in this text, as we know the little girl is literate, is not at 8 stuck with 4 letter words, and she learned about whiners who tattle, so she is well on the way to dealing with the police state.

There simply are no snowflakes allowed in the Cherry lineage. God did not breed this family line this way. It is the stock which survived, built empires, went into exile, conquered wilderness and built nations, so that the rest of the whining vermin would appear again as now in tearing down the structures of society and culture.

It will require the above attitude to make America Great Again. See that little girl is different from Ivanka Kushner saying Steve Bannon was a fucking liar. See Bannon is a pussy too in he took it, and is now stealth using the poison pen, when he should have instead said, "Mr. President excuse me for a moment", went into the bathroom and got a pint of liquid soap and then poured a mouthful into the potty mouth.
See Ivanka would have taken it. She would have fumed, would have spewed, would have lurked around in rage, but she would have taken it. It would not have worked on the 8 year old as she would have come back with even more attitude and will, as she will not be broken.

It is the problem with the world is those with potty mouths hide behind the law and criminalize those seeking societal order.

I seem to recall my brother getting into trouble as he put things into writing in 6th grade when he penned an insult to her that "Myrtle is a big fat toid". Myrtle was not impressed nor were any of my brother's teachers. I on the other hand did my best to buffalo every teacher into thinking I was paying attention and I liked them. The thing is, teachers still come up to me and they still think I like them, because I never put anything down in writing and everything I ever said was out of their hearing.

See for what is coming, the snowflakes to the police state are not going to survive the meteors, rape cock or nuclear wars, because they think the system is going to provide for and protect them. Little girls with attitudes will survive as they have the nature in repetition to project themselves and to reign in their natures to disappear. The animalistic will not  survive as it can not think in the snowflake. The animalistic in the police state can not reason beyond perfect obedience. Those with animal nature will stand the best chance of survival as they will not quit when everything is going wrong for years.  They will reason and they will think, as their natural instincts push them through as their genetic nature awakens.

My money is on the little girls with attitude with less sugar and allot more spice. That is why that attitude keeps resurfacing as it is in the genes as those are the only humans who could survive what America's Israelite heritage survived in repeated genocide centuries.

Nuff Said