Sunday, January 14, 2018


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have decided that this needs national attention as I was watching something on PBS in some tribute to Tom T. Hall's dead wife by people with no talent, and most of you have no idea what I am talking about, but it is some bluegrass thing, and in this they had this band on of people with zero talent called Chris Jone and the Night Drivers.


Chris Jones looks like a cross between Warren Beatty and Tom Hanks  and sings as bad as Gordon Lightfoot with a sponge in his mouth. Then there is some old guy on the bass, and then this German who looks like he can not play the mandolin and he can not as he is a German who can not play the mandolin, but into this is this hostage, a Virginia woman named Gina Clowes who is a wonderful talent who plays banjo and can sing sweeter than Emilou Harris.

She is a real talent and my absolute concern is her being absorbed into the nothingness of this no talent group of males without talent and disappearing like a black hole in Calcutta.

Gina needs to be freed. Needs her own network television program called The Gina Clowes Show, or something in tribute..............lord they are singing a song now about a horse that died. Who writes songs about dead horses in that is a real downer.

Anyway I have started the Free Gina Clowes movement. I fully intend to bring this up in my next phone call with President Donald Trump to send out Navy SEALS on a rescue mission, complete with massive flights of F 117 stealth fighter bombers dropping Navy SEALS from the bomb bay as I saw Chuck Norris do this, so I know this is real.

This must be a national direction, more important than war with Russia or nuking North Korea. We must free Gina Clowes and demand LET OUR GINA GO!!!!

That about says it all and I am now dedicated to this movement to free this woman from bad bands sucking the talent from talented artists.


Oh by the way, I am also the leader of #FREEBLUEGRASSFROMCOKEHEADPLAYERS as someone has hijacked bluegrass now and has these people playing like they are all on speed. Blue Grass is Bill Monroe and Flatt and Scruggs not some hypersonic screeching at instruments setting the strings on fire as they break the sound barrier in monstrous sounds.

I also plan to #FreeMandolinsFromGermans, as this is as pressing as border security.

First things first, we must free Gina.

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