Friday, January 19, 2018

McMaster's Private Little Nuclear War

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As you probably missed this, this past weekend as you were busy with peaceful pursuits, Herbert McMaster summoned the Japanese and South Koreans to San Francisco California, as he had the Russians and Chinese cut out of security talks concerning North Korea in "Canadian Talks".

Axios broke this story and here is their webpage on this story, as you can see it is blank. Axios is known for leaking deep state propaganda directly out of the Trump White House in exclusives which never seem to be investigated. In this, Herbert McMaster was outed in a top secret meeting, and it was immediately wiped, but not before other media sources picked up the leak.

The following is from the Examiner and reposts what was in the original leaked version.

H.R. McMaster attends meetings in San Francisco on North Korea: Report

National security adviser H.R. McMaster reportedly spent the weekend in San Francisco attending secret meetings about North Korea.
McMaster met with officials from South Korea, as well as Shotaro Yachi, director of the Japanese national security council, Axios reported Tuesday. The national security adviser was on the West Coast on Saturday and Sunday.
McMaster’s meetings in San Francisco come as South Korea has recently engaged in continued high-level talks with North Korea, which mark the first time such dialogue has occurred between the two Koreas in more than two years. The discussion between the two countries has focused on the North’s participation in the Winter Olympics, which kick off next month in Pyeongchang, South Korea.
Though the meetings have centered around the Olympics — North Korea will send a delegation to the games — North Korea’s continued nuclear and missile tests loom over the talks.

This little blurb from the Newstimes sheds a bit more light on the Herbert McMaster darkness.

H.R. McMaster, the US Army general and academic who leads President Donald Trump's National Security Council, has reportedly attended secret meetings with his South Korean and Japanese counterparts on North Korea.
McMaster, a noted hawk who is reportedly pushing for Trump to give North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a "bloody nose" by conducting a limited strike on the country, took meetings Saturday and Sunday in San Francisco where he stressed a need for the three countries to present a unified front against Pyongyang, according to the news website Axios.
In the meetings, Axios reports, McMaster dismissed North Korea's recent thawing of tensions and talks to Pyongyang as "diversions," noting that Kim still intended to develop nuclear weapons.
Axios' report sheds light on one of the more inaccessible parts of Trump's presidency, in which top staffers guide his hand on North Korea issues.

This is how all of this translates in the Lame Cherry in reading between the lines.

Japan and South Korea do not want to be eating nuclear warheads from North Korea, so are open to North Korean overtures to walk back the reality of millions dying in South Korea and Japan, due to McMaster's brinkmanship.
McMaster summoned South Korea and Japan to threaten them to stay the course as diplomacy would not be tolerated.

In other reports, Mad Dong Mattis  is practicing US Special Forces for attacks on North Korea, which would be a bloodbath for the US military, and in those Vietnam fracker attack policy there is this additional tidbit as a headline in the same story.

The US has backed off military drills that anger North Korea but stepped up pressure and military deployments in other ways.

One has to have been paying attention to the latest developments, of China submarines on Japanese islands to Chinese ships smuggling cargo into North Korea. The hints in this have been the United States is moving to a new policy of embargoing North Korea.
This would fit the stepping back of US military maneuvers, but it indicates what Herbert McMaster is escalating this to.

The translation is, Herbert McMaster just isolated China and Russia. The meeting in fag Trudeau's Canada was designed to form an International Naval Front of nations without navies in this McMaster farce.

"When we found out about this meeting, we asked: 'Why do you need all those countries together? Greece, Belgium, Colombia, Luxembourg. What do they have to do with the Korean peninsula today?'"

Trudeau Not Sorry Russia, China Weren't Invited To Vancouver ...

Meanwhile in Canada. ... China Weren't Invited To Vancouver Meeting ... OTTAWA — Justin Trudeau is defending the decision not to invite China and Russia to ...

 Seriously, President Donald Trump is taking on NUCLEAR POWERS in McMaster and Tillerson war play with Luxemborg, Columbia, Belgium and Greece? The combined could not get a ship to North Korea unless they put it on a Chinese container ship.

 This is how this would play out with a  fracker like McMaster as this group of DIA detests the Naval Intelligence and has been seeking to blow up US ships in the Sea of Japan as bait or a Gulf of Tonkin.

McMaster gets Mad Dong Mattis to park a US carrier in the Sea of Japan, and sends out Japanese cruisers and whatever tug boats South Korea can keep afloat. They will be the sucker play to intercept Chinese ships, and it provides McMaster the buffer of aggression as South Korea and Japan eat the bullets.

This develops much better as Japan or South Korea are supposed to in this take some fire from North Korea, so the McMaster military can then "return fire".
Returning fire will of course be lost in Donald Trump being assured that this embargo is peaceful and Donald Trump asking McMaster how a naval operation ended up with Herbert McMaster bombing the rice out of Kim Jong Un's ass in bunkbusters in Pyongyang.

For Herbert McMaster to even voice a bloody nose for North Korea which has thermonuclear warheads is John McCain and George Soros homicidal maniac for Americans, South Koreans and Japanese. North Korea being hit, North Korea can unleash missiles and artillery to bloody the body of the US military on their bases and inflict enough damage on South Korean electrical and Samsung manufacturing to have the South Koreans screaming for America to get the hell out of their nation.

As you can understand from even a non military understanding that America has absolutely no allied support in this McMaster nuclear war escalation as no one wants to die for his fourth star.
It is in the US interest for China and Russia to be smuggling oil into North Korea so the people do not starve and cause a real propaganda catastrophe for America as it gets cold in Korea in winter. It is not in the United States interest these  Tillerson meetings with the powerful Luxemborg Navy and fag Trudeau begging for war with North Korea nor for McMaster to be setting up a Gulf of Tonkin to escalate this.

If Donald Trump is still an American President, it is paramount when he has the cover to fire Rob Rosenstein and  the other crooks at Justice for treason, that he deploys Dr. Strangepud to some place without communications where he can no longer do any more harm.

It is vital to note in this that Herbert McMaster is escalating to a military confrontation with North Korea which has absolutely no sound military nor political purpose.
Donald Trump out of necessity must replace Herbert McMaster as head of NSA with a CIVILIAN as this leftist Junta is not engaged in American policy.

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