Saturday, January 20, 2018

Bill de Blasio the Lesbian Killer

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder why the homosexual community has let Mayor Bill de Blasio and First Mayorette, Chirlane McCray, with a Scottish ancestry, have been given a pass, when Bill de Blasio is the greatest threat to homosexuality as Bill de Blasio is not just a lady killer, he is a lesbo killer, as the magic of his sweet touch an the tom tom of this erection sending Morse Code to a lesbians nethers turns her from wanting women, to only wanting a man.

With Bill de Blasio on the loose, lesbianism would become an extinct species.

McCray met Bill de Blasio in 1991, when they both worked at New York City Hall for Mayor David Dinkins. At the time, de Blasio was an aide to a deputy mayor and McCray was a speechwriter. McCray and de Blasio were married in 1994 in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Asked about her sexuality, McCray has stated that she hates "labels". In 2012, when asked about her 1979 essay, she commented: "In the 1970s, I identified as a lesbian and wrote about it. In 1991, I met the love of my life, married him.

 I want my fill of Bill!!!

Just think of it if Bill de Blasio had gotten a taste of that sweet Rosie O'Donnell? Rosie would be huffing and puffing for only maleness and voting for Donald Trump.


I had the Bern but I crave the Bill.....

What about that hot stuff of Ellen Degeneris, if Bill had put the wood to her? Ellen would have em lining up around the block as what man would not want to tap something that fine.


No wonder we were cancelled as de Blasiot made the lezbo's straight!!!

And what about Two Broke Girls? All their fag comedy would be gone and they would have been cancelled  just like they are now. I guess that is not a good example, but with Bill de Blasio shagging up all that fineness, there would have only been leave it to beaver jokes.


I pledge to give every lesbian the Bill she wants.......

The thing is Bill is not handsome, nor is his wife lesbian handsome, but look at what a fine daughter he produced. I mean that is one fine uptown there, that just like the Obama girls will be making some white boy happy with all of that brown sugar.


Why does Bill father children who look like me...

And that boy, he looks like Micky Dolenz from the Monkees and who does not like the Monkees in I'm a Believer's face sake in maybe Micky played them lesbian drums and helped Bill out.

Anyway, why is Bill de Blasio not coming under fire for depriving homosexuals from the ranks. Bill de Blasio is a Homoslayer, the worst kind of homoette in he is not phobic, but he turns lesbians into straight women, overturning every stereotype that queers are born that way and that sex is not a choice.
That is a grave threat to all queerdom and how much more so in queer concentration New York where Bill is probably turning a lesbian straight every day. Hell their won't be any homosexuals left in New York if Bill de Blasio stays around for another term.

Who knew that democrats had a lesbokiller in their ranks and Bernie Sanders signed off on it.

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