Sunday, January 14, 2018

Micheal Reagan, a kinder gentler traitor

I almost got Hillary elected, now I am all for Obama's DACA amnesty!!!

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America is once again on the threshold of legalized murderous rapine in the Trump DACA. For those who are not aware of it, Teddy Kennedy in the 1960's implemented  the first DACA, which Ronald Reagan railed against, but Ronald  Reagan in promising to "fix" DACA, signed his own amnesty for millions of criminal invaders, and now in this 2018 AD year of our Lord, who appears but Michael Reagan, the adopted son of Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman, as the solicitor for foreign rape cock, in giving America away to these vermin again, for being criminal aliens.

Here are Michael Reagan's choice rose colored words from a millionaire's child, who has sucked off his father's accomplishments for a lavish lifestyle, as other more deserving Americans lay dead in the ground from wars or being murdered by these DACA vermin.

Everyone knows something has to be done for America's DACA kids.
Everyone with a good heart or a working brain knows it's not their fault their parents sneaked them into the country when they were kids under 16.
It's true that by law they are illegal immigrants.
But most DACA kids have grown up to become good, law-abiding Americans.
They've gone to school here. They've worked and paid taxes here. They've even served in our military.
Everyone except a few people on the far fringe knows it'd be wrong to deport these 800,000 so-called "Dreamers" -- now or in the future.

Yes "the few people of the fringe" who number 95 million in not having jobs as foreigners were given their jobs and tens of millions more Americans who suffer under these goddamn foreign sociopaths who treat Americans like excrement at their workplaces, they do not know what they are dealing with, as Michael Reagan does from behind his ivory tower gates.

I honestly never thought I would see the day that Ronald Reagan jr. was the right wing son of Ronald Reagan, and Michael Reagan was the repulsive bleeding heart, but those are the facts of this #NeverTrumper.
Nancy Reagan was right, Ron jr. was his father's son, and Michael was always the ranting whiner who once screamed as an adult at Ronald Reagan, that he wished the President had never adopted him.
Yes do not we all dream of a world where Michael Reagan had instead been shipped to Mexico and adopted by some white skinned Spaniards where he could have reached his position in life of walking the dogs of his owners.

19-year-old DACA recipient accused of murdering ... - Breitbart

Oct 11, 2017 · An illegal alien accused of murdering a teenage girl was shielded from deportation as he was a beneficiary of DACA. ... Breitbart Texas. Sherrer, as ... the murder of ...

2,139 DACA Recipients Convicted or Accused of Crimes Against ...

Sep 05, 2017 · The number of recipients of the DACA program who are convicted criminals, gang members, or suspects in crimes remains staggering.
As Michael Reagan and his Nazi conglomerates always want to hand America over to foreigners, I want instead to demand the same deal that Michael Reagan is giving to his DACA criminals. I want DACA for Americans.

How about this, as Michael Reagan's foreign vermin get to invade America, how about Americans get to invade his home.
How about as DACA gets to get free education, medical care, police looking the other way, that Americans get to steal Michael Reagan's credit cards, bank accounts and portfolios to pay for all of their needs.
How about DACA for America allows Americans to fire off their guns like that Kate Steinle murderer and if someone gets hit, well that is all an accident and Americans can not be convicted of any felonies.
How about DACA Americans do not have to obey any laws in America. How about DACA Americans just take anything they damn well please, as Michael Reagan advocates this for foreigners, so why not have Americans having the same rights bestowed on them.

Let's start with DACA Chicago where Michael Reagan does not give a damn about Blacks shot by the thousands and existing as house niggers as Michael Reagan's Mexicans get all the jobs Blacks once had. I like that idea and I am certain that Blacks would all like to be out of prison in the millions as why should Blacks be in prison pimping for Wall Street franchise money laundering in dope deals for the rich kids, when DACA trash never answer for their assaults upon Americans.

EVERY SINGLE ONE of my forebearers came to America and Canada LEGALLY. They passed all the requirements. They swore allegiance and swore against their former leaders and nations. They did not come here and steal American jobs from Americans. They obeyed every law and built America and Canada, and are now being robbed of that birthright by Michael Reagan, handing out their heritage, because this bastard named Michael Reagan got his adoptive daddy's silver spoon, while hundreds of millions of Americans got their stainless steel spoons stolen by these GOPliter traitors.

I am one of the majority who wants all these goddamn invaders deported to where they belong, because they are the responsibility of those shit hole nations, which are bleeding America dry of billions of dollars in entitlements and salaries sent home to bring more of these vermin to America.

I have no doubts in this, that Americans will be cheated and destroyed over what DACA will bring as that is what the Chamber of Commerce wants for slave traffick profit, so nothing posted here will make a difference. My only interest is, is to expose Michael Reagan for the traitor he is to America. He was a traitor in 2016 to America and his father, and is a race traitor to the American race from Blacks in Chicago, Cubans in Miami, Russians in Sacramento, Chinese in Houston and Europeans all through America.
Michael Reagan is an absolute disgrace to the legacy of Ronald Reagan and only eclipses that in being a traitor to America.

President Trump has already said he'll be willing to take the political hit to get an immigration reform deal done. Let him.
He doesn't care anyway. He can say or do just about anything.
The worst that can happen to him is that in 2020 he has to go back to being a billionaire.

I have a compromise though for Michael Reagan and his family. This fringe says, let us deport that ilk to Latin America, and give their home and assets to a like number of DACA vermin. Let Michael Reagan show his humanity in putting his family in jeopardy and all his daddy gave him, as he has no problem putting all of American children in jeopardy with his kinder and gentler treachery.

Michael Reagan is nothing but the bastard image of the Jeb Bush liberal which is nothing but Hillary Clinton on low energy treason to America for more Birther Obamas to replace Americans.

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