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The Steve Bannon File

I'll make you a nice little cocksucker Steve before I am through with you...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With Glen Greenwald now fingering the Jews in blackmailing Donald Trump (It is instead my Croat hand washed your hands into the White House). What you need a clue because you never bothered to store in your memories what this blog informed you Jared and Ivanka Kushner were up to in August 2016 AD in the year of our Lord in Guccifer 2.0............

It is time to not finger the Jews, but to build on Mike Cernovich's tweeting concerning Steve Bannon, as it is now open season on Mr. Bannon, as that Christian hating Matt Drudge was inside on the coup against Bannon in removing him from Jewish Breitbart.

None of you are going to get this and will need a translation so here it comes, and it ain't Jewish, as the Jews are a different political facet of Mr. President, this goes back to what the Lame Cherry informed you of in another matter anti matter exclusive in who made Donald Trump.

Donald Trump was made not by political or Wall Street interests. If you want to know who Donald Trump kisses the ring for, all you have to do is look around at those stars he has surrounded himself with in the Generals. This blog told all of you asstards that Donald Trump was a creation of the DIA, the military mirror of the CIA, in the Defense Intelligence Agency.

You do remember Mike Flynn right? You do remember he was the one who was fast and furious removed and destroyed by the establishment right? Why do you think he was taken out first? It is because Mike Flynn was DIA and led the group who shepherded and gave cover to Donald John Trump.
Michael Thomas Flynn is a retired United States Army Lieutenant General who served in the U.S. Army for 33 years, from 1981 until 2014. In January 2017 he briefly served as National Security Adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump.More at Wikipedia
Born:Michael Thomas Flynn, Fort Meade, Maryland, U.S.
Spouse(s):Lori Andrade
Children:2, Michael G. Flynn

All of you have absolutely no inkling what the DIA is. Forget the days of General Douglas MacArthur of James Forestall as that was obliterated under Bob McNamara Detroit leftists, and what emerged was the Soviet system of political officers. Mike Flynn just happened to be a part of a patriotic group who saw the damage that the CIA and Obama deep state was engaged in, and made a move to take America back from the brink.
For thanks, Donald Trump ass canned Flynn faster than Mike Pence ducks into a picture.

You should be able to figure this out who nailed Flynn, as it was Indiana Mafia Pence and the Jewish IDF in their moles the Kushners.

And who emerged from the midsts?

Trump's minders, in the Junta which emerged in Mad Dong Mattis, Herbert McMaster and John Kelly. A group one and all who vote for Obama and Clinton, are leftists, political officers as in the Hunt for Red October, and this is the part that you have not figured out yet, in the John Kelly group, which is Soros and McCain globalists using the US military for rapine, moved fast and hard for the cartel to seize the day from Mike Flynn and his people, who were the Americans in this at the DIA, and put Donald Trump into the White House stockade to implement Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush policies for Obama's 3rd term.
See just like Jewry has Ashkenaz ruling it. The DIA has different sub operational groups. What is ruling now in America is the Army Marine socialist group, as you will notice that Naval Intelligence is not anywhere near this fiasco.
For the record, the Navy is a country all of it's own in intelligence, operations and spacecraft. You might notice that the Navy was ordered in early in Ivanka tomahawk strikes and sending doomed carriers into the Sea of Japan against Kim Jong Un. The Army and Marine were burning the Navy assets.

Things starting to click in your wee minds yet?

Steve Bannon is DIA. He was sent in to secure the Trump victory for those in the DIA who backed this neutralization of the CIA deep state rule. Remember Edward Snowden and all of those leaks? That boy kind of disappeared now didn't he? That was an operation of this group and it was successful against the deep state.
Bannon was shepherding the Nationalist Movement which was a natural psychological reaction to Obama communists. The problem again though in all of this is John Kelly's DIA does not have any affinity for Nationalists as they are Globalists, and this is what is behind these Vietnam era frackers who have not won a war for America, since Truman booted MacArthur out.

See you must understand that there is profit in winning wars, but not any dictatorial control for the Pentagon, so it needs terrorism and wars, to keep funding it's black operations as it bankrupts America for hegemonic control of the world. In WMD wars, this DIA will live in bunkers or space. They do not care in their dictatorial hierarchy what sheep cover the land. All they are focused on is stockpiles of advanced weapons, tunnels to put them into and the aerial platform of space to project kill shots and establish order.

This is part of the octopus or tentacles system of the cartel, in finance, conglomerates and police state. Do not confuse John Kelly with the lords and the priests. Kelly is just another uniform wearer protecting his part of the system which is fed by the finance and conglomerate, so it is a necessity for the DIA to remain as that is it's "in" and the platform from which it operates from. Kelly's DIA protects the system which protects the DIA and the cloth of the land's only purpose is a quasi cover in funding this system.

So Mike Cernovich does post his propaganda on Bannon, but Steve Bannon was taken out, because he was a threat to the system. He was taken out as Roy Moore was a threat to the system. Anything and anyone is a threat to the system yet if it can produce a movement which will elect a Donald Trump, who is now a captive king at 1600 Penn Avenue, going through the motions as the real powers that be control the situation and still are spiking all of you nitwits who keep reacting to emotional manipulations out of Tavistock and Standford in things like 'shit hole'. It is all about globalism versus nationalism in the "shit hole".

The Pentamarxists are now firmly in control and Robert Mueller is herding Donald Trump to the exact position for complete servitude, which is part of the Ashkenaz operation which Mr. President got into bed with to be put into the White House in one Croat hand white washing another house.

You will probably notice that no one else has been informing you of these things again or has pointed out the real information as to what the DIA has been engaged in by the Kelly Junta. That is what Lame Cherry exclusives in matter anti matter are designed to do by God's Grace and why no one else is allowed to post on such things to inform you, as keeping you in the dark is what this is all about, and no one else is popular enough with the Vulcans to do something this stupid in writing about these realities.

I am reminded of a story though of a prisoner of the Japanese in World War II. The Japanese took great delight in murdering prisoners during torture. The man who I believe was an American was about to be murdered. I think the festivities that day was holding a 50 pound rock over your head, with a bayonet poking one in the back, and each time you lowered the rock a bit, the bayonet jabbed you in the back.
The American got fed up with it, and started screaming at the Japanese officer, "Goddamn you!!! You kill me and I am going to come back and haunt you to the day you die!!!"
The Japanese are quite involved in being terrified of ghosts, so the torture stopped for the day and the American went on to suffer in that shit hole prison camp.

The last place anyone wants me is in Heaven as I will be a banshee at the Throne for revenge and I will get my way by God's Grace.

Now you are aware of what is behind part of the Steve Bannon fun. It is about neutralization of American votes by elimination of a nationalist DIA funding point for political leverage as the marxist DIA is ruling from Trump Manor.

Why do you think John Kelly walks his White House ground at night and why do you think two frackers as dunce as McMaster and Mattis are still lurkin around after their epic failures? They serve the DIA which inherited this coup.
It ain't fair or deserving, but that is not what any of this is about in being fair or deserving. It is about those above the law, making criminals of you for your execution or imprisonment to neutralize your competitor status.
Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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