Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Oprah 2020, Please Run Oprah, Run Oprah Run

Yes peroxide and silicon never have anything to do
with making women sex objects, but let's blame all men anyway like Oprah.


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry prefaces this with the explanation in the following is not for President Donald Trump, as he has betrayed his voters, cast out Christians and did this deliberately in forgetting the very God and His instruments who put him into the White House.
Nor is the Lame Cherry rising up in defense of Jael Ivanka Trump Kushner, as that manipulative Jewess of the left is guilty of the Blood Libel which had her father doing nothing in the murder of almost 250,000 children in America this past year due to aborticide.

What the Lame Cherry is doing though, is exposing Oprah Winfrey for the fraud she is, as she is the cause celeb for 2020. I promise you that she can give Hillary Clinton's speech, for Obama, but there is not a snowballs chance in hell that Hamrod or Muchelle Obama is going to allow this hotown biotch to ever get the democrat presidential nomination for 2020. Oprah is the black face message bearer for transexual Obama and Hillary Clinton. She is the Negress in the democratic plantation fields who gets to tote that Nigger bale of cotton, but she ain't ever getting into the White House.

This all began with Jael Ivanka Kushner tweeted support for Oprah's man hating diatribe at the Golden Globes which brought a furious verbal finger banging of Ivanka.

 Never mind in this that Oprah does body locks with Harvey Weinstein in public and is his biggest supporter as the fuck bully of Hollywood, and never mind that Oprah was raped as a child by a male, which is supposed to make her a spokesho for all of this Pussygrab stuff, because there is so much more going on here and it is why I relish the thought of Oprah Winfrey running for president, getting the nomination, as she would lose all 50 states in a landslide rejection of her.
As stated, the Lame Cherry is explaining all of this now, so Oprah and this political  tact will be neutralized now. There are those in team Trump led by Obama voter John Kelly who want to feed this line, but that is not going to happen, as it gets exposed here as no one else will do the work required.

First up we have the Oprah supporters and there is a theme in these sexual objectifying of women.

Christine Chrissy Teigen, the "Miss I sell my ass and tits making sex objects out of women so Harvey Weinstein thinks all women are fuck toys".

Then we have the teenage pedo star of Alyssa Milano who since childhood has allowed herself to be marketed to perverts in the pubic hair poses she gets paid money for.

Next up we have the "author" Molly Knight who sells her books out of a peroxide bottle as marketing her crotch is why this bottle blonde puts on the blonde and the liberal media leg  tingles over her, as it has nothing to do with her literary ability.

Lastly we have a pseudo castrati. For those who do not know what a pseudo castrati is, a pseudo castrati is the leftist male who espouses all of these Ashley Judd mind warp rants to these snowflake females, as he puts moves on them to get what liberal men want from men or women.
Tony selfies at work with his shirt off, for the last of the #NeverTrumpers who attack their own liberal Ivanka Kushner, who cast the first stone against innocent Judge Roy Moore.

You are probably understanding now why this blog is relishing the Oprah supporters images posting all over the internet, as that is all these liberals do is view the human form as a sex object.

For those who still require a walk through in this as they are not a genius like Roger Stone, there is the reality that there are thousands of hours of Jerry Springer recordings of Oprah Winfrey at Harpo Productions where Oprah unleashed on fat couch bags a daily rape of the soul and mind of human debauchery.
One "interview" which Oprah did and I have never forgotten was textbook Oprah. It in fact involved a woman who was raped. The woman was in tears, she could not talk, but there sat hulking Oprah, patting this woman's leg, egging her on, telling her to reveal all the sordid details, not giving a damn about that White woman, because what Oprah was doing was selling rape for a profit and it was all about ratings.

See that reality of Oprah Winfrey has never been spoken of as Mark Levin and his mic heads were intimidated by Oprah's blackness. Once the couch bags who were suckered by Oprah Winfrey get educated that Oprah was exploiting all of them for thousands of hours of their lives, then builds the landslide of women who will never vote for this exploiter of women.

The Lame Cherry finishes this with the reality of Oprah Winfrey, Chrissy Teigen, Alyssa Milano,  Molly Knight and Tony Posnanski. Thee preceding liberals do not have to tell the Truth, because in the inner sanctum of every American man and woman, is an echoing voice of pain which people cover up because they do not like listening to it in being reminded of the humiliation.

This pain is about men and boys, not being the predators, but about men and boys being the victims. The majority of men have gone through this and every Mother and Wife have watched their sons abused or are still dealing with the harpie who did something long ago to their husband, just because these pretty girls could get away with it.

You know the stories inside of those men and boys, as you either experienced them or watched them happen, as the outsider girl in school. It was the build up flirt just to go back and laugh at the stupid male. It is the using one guy to make the real guy they wanted jealous. It is the mocking of getting a nice guy to pay for things, give a ride, go to a concert as he had tickets, or just to keep those nice guys around hinting that sex would be possible, when it would never happen as all these nice guys were for, was validation.

See women use nice guys for the homework assignments, for paying for things, for endless texting when they are alone at 1 AM and sobbing, because that is all most Men are good for, while these pretty girls all spread their legs for the men with money, power and jock straps.

As the memories of this is echoing through your souls, and the women remember the disgust of the popular girls abusig those trusting inexperienced boys, and now as Mothers they are witnessing the same abuse, and as Men who are now Fathers, are reliving the same abuse in their sons, it all echoes to Oprah Winfrey in her Golden Globe diatribe, in blame Men, when the reality is women like Oprah are who created the very males and are still giving them protection, because Teddy Kennedy could make female sandwiches with Chris Dodd, Eddie Murphy could fuck new women every night because he was a black star, Bill Clinton could rape women, but it was ok because he was not "raping liberal women".
Al Franken assaults women and these Oprah zealots give him a pass, but instead decide they have come down from the mount and can now judge the world, as it is all men who responsible for this.......but only against liberal women, as Conservative Christian women do not count, nor do the little boys like Corey Haim and Corey Feldman in being raped by pedophiles in the Oprah Industry, which all of the above are being profited by.

So you get this, there is not any difference between Ivanka Kushner Twitter lynching innocent Judge Roy Moore, because he was a White Christian and Oprah Winfrey Media lynching all men, no matter the race, for her political gain.
Scratch the nethers of this and as was posted above, you will find Hillary Clinton plotting that putting black face on this gives Hillary cover for Bill's rapes to neutralize this as this goes Pussy Grab 2020. Get past the pubes and you will find Obama Inc. involved in this, as image Obama wants this issue to unseat Hillary Clinton with, and to use Oprah as the Jesse Jackson minder of women voters, to bring them home for the Obama pick in 2020, who is that White, blonde twin of Molly Knight in Senator Gillibrand of New York.

This is typical liberal disgusting in being the source or rapes and pedophilia and then blaming everyone else, all to seize an issue and warping it so the voters will be conned again. This happened with liberals in Civil Rights and it will happen again with Oprah on parade as it is designed to.

I do relish this though in Oprah running as stated there is not any way Obama who hates her and Hillary who loathes her will ever left this slow witted Negress ever get the nomination. There are thousands of hours of this fat, ugly, stupid, exploitative female, who appears Obama lezbo when she is not Stedman on a leash, to fill voters with revulsion. Image is what elects Presidents and voters always vote for the more attractive candidate. That is the way elections break down 42.5 liberal, 42.5 conservative and 15% vote for who they are comfortable with sexually.

With Oprah Winfrey, her 42.5 will degrade to around 34% as people who will never vote for Trump will just vote for something this repulsive out of Trumphobia.

So I hope Oprah gets the nomination, but all she is in this for is deluding herself, as the real players only want her around as a herder of asstards who can be manipulated, as Obama and Clinton are incapable on this issue.
In the end, Oprah  is too white for Blacks to vote for her and Obama and Clinton know this, and it is why the put this strawdog up to be knocked down like Bernie Sanders agreed to in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

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