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The High Crimes of FBI Agents Page and Strzok



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is official that America in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord had the Alt Right, and into this America also had the Alt Nazi, a group deep state zealots whose political minder aim was to protect the corporate interests of their candidates in Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The summation of this is in two FBI Agents in Peter Strzok and the fem fatale he was having intercourse with in Lisa Page an attorney for the FBI. I honestly am surprised I am stunned by these two in what they were engaged in, because Lisa Page is an attorney hired by the FBI, meaning she should be extremely bright, and yet in these text exchanges with her sex partner, she was oblivious to the Hillary Clinton fact that one does not send incriminating texts on government communications. In Page's case, she had just engaged in stalking a New York  Times reporter, which reads like creepy intimidation of this reporter as she was looking for his wife and children. When Strzok warns her not to be engaged in this on an FBI phone, she responds "Too late".
That is like shooting up your neighborhood with an FBI pistol and not realizing that was a bad idea.

THIS IS IMPORTANT, as the foundation of these texts reveals one troubling reality. There was not any real investigation into Donald Trump. We know that MI6 was leaking information, we know that fake dossiers were created and given to the FBI, and we know from Strzok and Page that they were leaking information to the fake news press and then pretending to discover it, and presenting it to FBI investigators as evidence.

I placed that as a Lame Cherry quote and you must remember that. Strzok and Page were taking fake intelligence, feeding it to various CIA operated media outlets writing hit pieces on Donald Trump for the deep state, and then they were feeding these bogus news stories as EVIDENCE back to Director Andrew McCabe and others, pretending to discover it.

It was literal planted news stories which was driving this investigation and hysteria, which James Comey was viewing as legitimate sourced information. This was Press Political Assassination, and the bogus news was accepted as additionally sourced by James Comey, when it was his own lying political minders.

This was the snake eating it's own tail. MI6 Christopher Steele manufactured a fake dossier. It was fed to John McCain and John Podesta, who fed it to James Comey, who fed it to his FBI investigators who several of whom were feeding it to the press for publication, whereby Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were then feeding it back to the investigators who reported to Comey as legitimate sourced information.

This was a smear job, a criminal leaking of information, for the absolute purpose of overthrowing the 2016 elections and Strzok and Page concluded they were secure in these crimes, because Hillary Clinton with Loretta Lynch would close it all down and we would never know any of this took place again.

It requires stating again, because  this was a rotten, putrid culture in the FBI and Justice, and when they were doing this to Donald Trump and the American election process, they had been engaged in just as criminal acts they had gotten away with before.

The first quote in this makes several damning points about Page.

Page was concerned a leaked story was too specific, meaning it would point to them. But in this revelation she states the media article only had a tiny bit of information from them.
This means there was someone else leaking wholesale to the press, confirming the fake intelligence that Page was leaking.
Page and Strzok also confirm that they are destroying someone deliberately in government. That is another criminal act in weaponizing an investigation and targeting someone for their removal.

Page mentions a conversation she had just had with FBI chief of staff James Rybicki and openly expressed concern the information about the FBI’s timeline was too specific for comfort in the article.
“Sorry, Rybicki called. Time line article in the post (sic) is super specific and not good. Doesn’t make sense because I didn’t have specific information to give.”
A few days earlier Strzok texted Page about another new article, suggesting it was anti-FBI. “Yep, the whole tone is anti-Bu. Just a tiny bit from us,” he wrote.
Page texted she had seen the article. “Makes me feel WAY less bad about throwing him under the bus to the forthcoming CF article,” she texted. Congressional investigators are still trying to determine what the “CF article” reference means and who the agents thought they were trying to throw “under the bus.”
Republicans want to interview Page to determine if she assisted with any “forthcoming” articles or helped another FBI employee “give” information to the news media, particularly because she helped advise then-deputy director McCabe.
Likewise, congressional investigators want to question Strzok about what he meant about the “tiny bit from us” reference.

I will repeat do not miss the TOO SPECIFIC, as it concludes that Lisa Page leaked the information, but she was not  this detailed, which means there was an ADDITIONAL LEAKER in this group who was providing wholesale classified details in greater deep state activity than even Page and Stzok were involved in.

This is absolute proof that there was a multi level operation against Donald Trump and that there was wholesale tampering with a federal criminal investigation.

This quote confirms how Strzok and Page were tampering with a federal investigation by leaking to the press. It details how they weaponized a fake Pissgate dossier, by planting the stories and then turning these media articles over to their superiors who would be James Comey and Andrew McCabe for starters.

In one exchange, FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok and bureau lawyer Lisa Page engaged in a series of texts shortly before Election Day 2016 suggesting they knew in advance about an article in The Wall Street Journal and would need to feign stumbling onto the story so it could be shared with colleagues.
“Article is out, but hidden behind paywall so can’t read it,” Page texted Strzok on Oct. 24, 2016.
“Wsj? Boy that was fast,” Strzok texted back, using the initials of the famed financial newspaper. “Should I ‘find’ it and tell the team?”
The text messages, which were reviewed by The Hill, show the two FBI agents discussed how they might make it appear they innocently discovered the article, such as through Google News alerts.
“I can get it like I do every other article that hits any Google News alerts, seriously,” Strzok wrote, adding he didn’t want his team hearing about the article “from someone else.

This last quote is the stalker quote, where two of the most powerful FBI agents were researching a New York Times reporter. Put yourself in this reporter's position, in this is not an official FBI investigation and the reporter had done absolutely nothing wrong. Matt Apuzzo though was being stalked by Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, because of the information he was dispensing. How would you like to have two rogue FBI agents pulling up the data on your spouse and your children?
What possibly could be the purpose of this, but to intimidate this American.

The two agents also spent extensive time shortly before the 2016 election trying to track down information — including an address and a spouse’s job — about The New York Times reporter Matt Apuzzo, who has reported on numerous developments in the Russia case.
“We got a list of kids with their parents’ names. How many Matt Apuzzo’s (sic) could there be in DC,” Page texted. “Showed J a picture, he said he thinks he has seen a guy who kinda looks like that, but always really schlubby. I said that sounds like every reporter I have ever seen.”
A minute later, Page added another text: “Found what I think might be their address, too.”
Strzok writes back, “He’s TOTALLY schlubby. Don’t you remember?”
Page responded later by saying she found information on the reporter’s wife too. “Found address looking for her. Lawyer.”
Strzok cautions Page against using the work phone to track down information on the reporter. “I wouldn’t search on your work phone, ,,, no idea what that might trigger,” he texted.
“Oops. Too late,” she responded back.

No one in Rush Limbaugh media of the right cares about what happened to the Bundy's and still is, and yet the Bundy lynching is the same exact Robert Mueller and James Comey out of control FBI, along with now Jeff Sessions justice which he provides cover for Rob Rosenstein, another Clinton Obama voter.

What Lisa Page and Peter Strzok engaged in are High Crimes against the Government of the United States. They literally tampered with a federal investigation, leaked classified information, and then laundered it for Hillary Clinton's election to make it appear to James Comey and Andrew McCabe who were already off the deep end for Obama Clinton as actual evidence.
Think about that hard in would you like a newspaper account of gossip about you, to be viewed by the FBI as evidence for your prosecution from a neighbor who hated you? That is what was taking place in this window into Page and Strzok which honestly boggles the mind, but after Robert Mueller gutted the FBI for his clones and it was run by the drone James Comey, this criminal activity inside the FBI has repeated itself again and again, just as Gregory Bretzing in the Oregon stand off that witnessed the murder of LaVoy Finicum, skated to retirement and a high paying job in the private sector especially created for him.

It requires stating in Lisa Page and Peter Strzok committed crimes, multiple felonies, in abuse of power and information which was supposed to be secure to protect the innocent. That is the reality in this, and it also is the reality in this corrupt police state of deep state Jeff Sessions that I expect nothing to be done about this, anymore than the murder of LaVoy Finicum, the murder of a mother and child  at Ruby Ridge and the murder of children in the Branch Davidians. Instead all of those culprits were rewarded for protecting the deep state and eliminating Americans.

This the system of the Alt Nazi which controls the government of the United States.

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