Saturday, January 13, 2018

POS Jim Carrey

An Innocent Dead Woman Because Of Jim Carrey

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Liberal condescending ass, Jim Carrey attempted today from a life of luxury in Hawaii as 95 million Americans are unemployed, attempted to smear President Trump and all Republicans in being responsible for failed Clinton, Bush and Obama policy in giving North Korea the hydrogen bomb.

Carrey lamented he only had 10 minutes to live............

Carrey tweeted:

Unfortunately, like all things Jim Carrey, he was more concerned about his life and it never occurred to him about the life of the woman he abused, betrayed and murdered who was dead by his cruelty.

Jim Carrey moves closer to facing trial over death of ex ...

Jim Carrey set to face trial over the fatal overdose of his ex-girlfriend after wrongful death lawsuit alleged he supplied the drugs that killed her

When it affects Jim Carrey, he blames others, but when it is Jim Carrey responsible for the death of an innocent young woman he betrayed, Jim Carrey judges he is not to blame.

If Donald Trump is a One Man Gomorrah, then Jim Carrey is a Caligula who uses up innocent lives.

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