Monday, January 29, 2018

Teeth for Congress

It is time for Congress to assert Congressional Oversight 
with the power to indict and prosecute in Federal Courts
to save America from the justice league cabal in the secret society


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We have before the American People and the world in the collusion of the Obama regime police state with the Clinton campaign, an out of control Department of Justice, specifically in the Attorney General's office and the FBI hierarchy.
This over reach of the federal police state has only progressed under Donald Trump, where this coming Monday, Director Nielsen and Chief of Staff John Kelly, both of Homeland will be colluding with key conglomerate Nazi state politicians in Graham and Schumer to write Amnesty for over 2 million criminals.

Seriously in this, where does it state that the an agency not 20 years old, has the Constitutional authority to overthrow American Immigration Protections in rewarding criminals. It gives no such authority and President Donald Trump has a Junta now running America and it is out of control.

This is all most serious, as the reality in leaks have been for the past year, that key members of Congress have been smeared by leaks from this police state apparatchik to silence them, as let us be frank, in this entire operation against Donald Trump has been to herd him to sign Goldman Sachs taxes  and now to hand over America to slave masters from Wall Street Conglomerate Nazis in replacing Americans with these millions of amnesty criminals.

Thee American Constitution is designed with checks and balances for the Executive, Legislative and Judicial, but into this America now has a politicized police state of political minders who have weaponized intelligence in Pissgate files and weaponized law enforcement in FISA spying.
When Congress attempted to investigate this, Congress has been lied to by James Comey and James Clapper, Congress has been smeared in the press to intimidate that group, and Congress has been bullied and stymied by the FBI in their not handing over files that Congress has absolute right to in oversight.

It is time in this for Congress to have it's legal fangs re established, as we are not dealing with a J. Edgar Hoover whose policies were always in American Interests, but we have a cabal now whose interests are attacking the American Government and American People.

There must be more than a release of the Nunes Memo exposing all of this, for the simple reason the Senate needs permission from Justice to release their memo. So you get that, an agency has the power to shut down Congress in the right of the American People to know what corruption is taking place in that agency. That is what a dictatorship is, and there is nothing democratic or republican in that form of regime.

Republicans appear to be proceeding with the release of a much-hyped memo that purportedly reveals government surveillance abuse -- despite Justice Department officials describing such a move as “extraordinarily reckless.”
Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd wrote Wednesday to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., urging him not to release the memo.
“We believe it would be extraordinarily reckless for the Committee to disclose such information publicly without giving the Department and the FBI the opportunity to review the memorandum and to advise the HPSCI of the risk of harm to national security and to ongoing investigations that could come from public release,” he said.
Boyd continued, “Though we are currently unaware of any wrongdoing relating to the FISA process, we agree that any abuse of that system cannot be tolerated.”
But Republicans on the committee may be sticking to the plan. A source who supports the memo’s release told Fox News that the letter will not change Republicans’ resolve to release the memo as early as next week. That source said the committee voted to make the memo available to all House members and described the DOJ complaint as political.
“It’s really stupid they would try to block us from releasing the memo," a senior congressional intelligence source told Fox News Wednesday evening. "It only makes it worse for them. And it is more evidence that DOJ is trying to obstruct our investigation.”
Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y.,  said on "The Ingraham Angle" that Nunes fully intends to go ahead with releasing the memo, and the DOJ objections were a sign the agency wanted to launch a pre-emptive attack and leak it to allies in the media.
The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel wrote in her op-ed yesterday that it appears the FBI/DOJ have engaged in a sustained campaign to drop a depth charge on the House GOP and pressure Donald Trump into blocking the memo’s release. It’s a game of sabotage [emphasis mine]:
Mr. Boyd gets in his cheap shots, for instance slamming Mr. Nunes for moving to release a memo based on documents that Mr. Nunes hasn’t even “seen.” He apparently thinks Rep. Trey Gowdy —the experienced former federal prosecutor Mr. Nunes asked to conduct the review of those docs—isn’t qualified to judge questions of national security. He hyperventilates that it would be “reckless” for the committee to make its memo public without first letting the Justice Department review it and “advise [the committee] of the risk of harm to national security.” Put another way, it is Mr. Boyd’s position that the Justice Department gets to provide oversight of Congress. The Constitution has it the other way around.

The fact is, this is the house that Robert Mueller at FBI  and Eric Holder at Justice built, a corrupt brothel of brazen hookers, committing crimes and disposing of the bodies to the gutters. James Comey has shown himself to not just be narcissistic, sycophantic and delusional, but literally psychotic as he tweets in Messiah Complex in his crimes are just while he lynches the President.


 You strangle the Trump base and I will smash them with my Amnesty Fist

John Kelly admits his role on weakening Trump on immigration ...

... Kelly supports amnesty and ... During the meeting, Kelly repeatedly ... Kelly and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen have been ...

What requires to be accomplished in this, is Congress to pass a sweeping oversight law and reformation where the House Oversight and Intelligence Committees, will convene when they deem it necessary in oversight exact orders of subpoena, contempt and sentencing, when couple with a three member Judiciary to enforce the laws of the United States in dealing with a police state out of control.

There can be no more Clinton operatives, "lying to their diaries" nor Chris Wray at FBI stonewalling and covering up what took place in the FBI under James Comey. Congressional oversight must have the teeth to put people who violate the law into prison, and in that oversight be the Grand Jury to hand further criminal violations over to a federal court for full prosecution not by Justice Department attorneys, but by Congressional attorneys who serve Congress.

After what has been witnessed in this Mueller / Holder / Obama / Clinton sewage and corruption, the flaw of corrupt men has been exposed as John Adams warned of, and it is now proven that the Department of Justice can not police itself nor be trusted every again in upholding the law. Congress does not have carte blanche, the President does not have carte blanche and the Courts do not have carte blanche. The DOJ does not have carte blanche to break laws and commit cover ups. It is necessary then for Congress to appoint itself the powers it has to put criminals it discovers into prison in the select field over this nation's law enforcement groups which has become a cabal of crime.
Only by Congress having indictable powers and prosecutorial powers in the Federal Courts will this corrupt cabal be removed for the cancer it is which has metastasized from the murder of LaVoy Finicum to the coup against President Donald Trump.

Make no mistake in this, that this entire cabal is not isolated in one plot as it is all connected. Russiagate was designed to blackmail Donald Trump, by first removing his allies in Mike Flynn, and replacing them with globalist Herbert McMaster at NSA for John McCain and George Soros seizing US foreign policy. It consumed Reince Priebus where the DIA leftists installed Obama voter John Kelly who now with Director Nielsen at Homeland has seized domestic policy to eradicate Americans in amnesty to criminals.

Donald Trump has lost control over the Presidency. His policies reflect absolutely nothing of 2016 AD in the year of our Lord. It is therefore incumbent that Congress reassert it's oversight powers to check this Obama 3rd term and return the White House to the control of the People.

This is the only solution. Congress must have it's teeth put back and it must have fangs to enforce the Laws of the United States, as a cabal is now in charge of America, and that cabal has taken over the Presidency and it is in open war against the Congress of the United States.

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