Monday, January 29, 2018

The Trump Visa Vermin

I can see the end of America from here.......

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Donald Trump is not doing anyone any favors in sending out the Kushner Trolls to try and spin how great things are under Donald Trump's economy.

We were promised happy days are here again, but the 4th quarter was a quagmire of 2.6% stagnation.

Fourth quarter GDP: US economic growth slows, rises by 2.6 ...

Jan 26, 2018 · U.S. economic growth unexpectedly slowed in the fourth quarter. Gross domestic product increased at a 2.6 percent annual rate. The economy grew 2.3 percent ...

What is worse in this is the Trump Trolls were saying, "Well if you add this to that and add this to that, well it is 4% growth really", in more Obama propaganda, when the reality is Donald Trump frittered away all of 2016 AD with the worst economic team since Jimmy Carter in Gary Cohn, Steve Mnuchkin and Ivanka Kusher, and now America is heading into 2018 stagnant.

So you understand how bad things are, the 4th quarter is Christmas buying, and you knew things were horrid when everyone was running sales for Christmas in September. ACE hardware has a new scam in they are putting prices up 25% and sending out Ace rewards for 20% to just try and get people in the door.
Christmas spending was up several percent, but in this same period, the GDP was falling. America has massive credit card debt. 95 million Americans are still not working. Donald Trump is pouring in  Trump foreign visa slave labor and Trumpflation is robbing Americans of the few dollars they have.

Look at this monstrous headline which is what Obama Clinton would enact:

WH Plan: Big Amnesty Now, No Beneficial Reduction in Cheap-Labor Immigration Until 2027

This though is the Trump White House, which is according to the above going to overload the American economy with these greaser welfare consumers in numbers of 60 million MORE Muslim and Jesuit rape cock. I told you that this is the last American generation and the American Genocide would be complete in this generation, and the above headline out of the Trump White House proves that, as the REAL labor statistics in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord showed 90 million foreign workers already in America.
America has 320 million whatevers. The baby boomers are dying off in the largest population bracket so Americans are depleting as they produce only 2 children while these vermin produce 5.
This means with "Add a Relative" with Trump Amnesty, that America will be a population of 410 million, where 250 million will have been born in another nation or have parents who bore them in America in households loyal to Mexico to Iraq.

The reason these vermin are let in, is because the conglomerates make money off of them. They employ them cheaper than Americans. The banks sell them houses, dealers sell them cars, and welfare cares for them for a lifetime of economic slavery, while Americans Black and White are genocided.

Donald Trump has almost 100 million vermin in America, and these are the vermin who are supposed to be driving this great economic upsurge we are told from Mark Dayton to Jerry Brown, but it is not happening. This is a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, because these Trump Visa Vermin DO NOT SPEND MONEY. Let me explain for your GDP in the amount of product produced.

Want to know what a Mexican buys and what a Muslim buys? They buy a cell phone. They buy a car. They buy thrift shop clothes and other things competing with American poor. They may purchase a television, but in most cases these vermin carry cash or go into Wells Fargo in that money laundering scheme and that money goes back to Mexico or Iraq, to bring more of their vermin here or to bribe off the police state rape cock in those shit holes.

No one is explaining this and the Lame Cherry is pointing this out exclusively on the data above for the first time. America does not produce anything, except wood, crude oil and coal and that is going cheaply into Asia where it is driving up American prices so Americans can not afford anything. Donald Trump is literally subsidizing China and Poland, while Americans are robbed.

There can not be a Make America Great Again when Donald Trump's entire policy is robber baron. If you want to know the Trump model, read about the Old Regime in Quebec and pre 1776 as Benjamin Franklin railed against raw American wood and wool being shipped to England and then resold at gouge rates to Americans in manufactured goods.

What the literal hell good does it do, to have Apple build a slave complex in California where 20,000 workers who are ALL INDIAN, are sending their slave labor paychecks back to New Dehli?
How does that help America? It is what Mexicans have done for generations and still do.

Seriously, why would you buy a 250,000 dollar house in America, when the government will put you up in free housing, where you can by a villa in Mexico for 50,000 dollars and what you rape from America you can retire to Mexico and live like a don?

I see the stream often enough of these "American foreigners" always taking trips back to Eurasia to prance around in how successful they are, as they are the princes of the plantations.

America is in a pre 1776 state in she produces nothing but raw materials and that is how Donald Trump is robbing peter to pay paul. It is depleting what Americans have in energy, wood and food, and that money is going into the Wall Street Nazi Conglomerate few. It is impossible to create a real Ronald Reagan economic expansion on Trump tax policy and Trump record spending. What Donald Trump has enacted is Obama Keynesian managed misery and Bill Clinton Dotcom Wall Street bubbles. This is an absolute disaster in the making and  the 4th quarter GDP reveals that reality. The biggest surge in American spending and the American economy SHRANK. That translates to it was far worse than it was, because that 2.6% growth was fueled by a massive money dump. It means Americans spent their money into debt and the foreign visa slaves set their money back to Jesuit and Muslim shit holes.
There absolutely is not any production in the United States, and the 4th quarter proved it, and it is not going to be fixed by putting up slave labor factories.

The DIA which installed Trump for the Pentagon global cartel where the Pentagon gets fed by the Nazi conglomerates it protects is completing the Obama policies in the name of Donald Trump, expecting that the majority of Trump supporters will remain silent, just as they did under Bush43.

That 2.6 is alarm bells. America is imploding, no matter the money dumps into Wall Street. I will repeat as what this blog has as I am advocating for the poor and the rich, America must build coal plants, KEEP it's crude and gas, lower energy prices to 1 dollar gasoline and 50 dollar per month electricity in 100 new coal fired plants in America, as this will provide 5000 dollars to Americans, as Reagan deflation did by lowering prices across the board.

I ask each of you reading this who are upset, to keep asking yourself every six months if things are better for you under Donald Trump. I know things are worse for me and everyone reading this. You will get a few Jacksons each month in 20 dollars......will that make your life better, or will that deduction in 2019 of a few thousand dollars in a bribe make a difference when you are being robbed by higher prices across the board as Trump visa vermin get all of your goodies?

I stated previously that an economy NEEDS at least 4% growth to maintain itself. 6% is much more friendly as  it allows for upgrades in major projects like airports and facilities. Donald Trump at 2.6% is in reality degraded America 1.4% and in a multi trillion dollar economy that is a massive degradation to America, after the Obama Super Depression of 8 years, the Bush43 recession of 8 years, the Clinton rapine of 8 years, the Bush41 robbery of four years. America can not afford the sloppy seconds of Donald Trump any more than it could afford Hillary Clinton.

This is your country Americans, as much as every Canadian needs to know that Canada is their country and Germany is the German's country. It is meant for you, not the feudal few and not their rape hordes. If you are unhappy and not getting a good life, why are you not making a point of this in peacefully voicing that, instead of following some Obama or Trump who is only benefiting the feudal few.

Start expressing about the Trump Visa Vermin. Make it a talking point and tie that can to his propaganda tail for his legacy. Mr. President has thin enough skin and so does his puppet master in John Kelly the Clinton voter, and once they start responding, you will know you are being heard instead of herded.

Free People must be Heard and not Herded.

- Lame Cherry