Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Barrel of Wolf Traps

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I prayed for a ranch and got a barrel full of traps.

When my beloved Uncle died, I think I had 6000 dollars to my name. For that 6000, I went no where, bought nothing, denied myself everything, as I was gravely ill, taking vet medicine to get by and was hoping for God's deliverance.
That is when I met someone who said they were abused, in a troubled marriage, which I fell in love with, so being Christian I deemed it my duty to pay for a divorce.

In the end this person, this demoniac ran up immense phone bills on me, took the money for the divorce, went back to their spouse, and threw out two of my possessions which can not be replaced.

I have wanted the place my Grampa lived on, that my beloved Uncle lived for most of my life. It is because it is family land and it is a place that has always felt right.
I have had dreams on that place. I design it, I sculpt it, I husband it, so that I know to the last apple tree row or trout pool, in what I would do.
See there is a spring on that place and a small swampy slough of about 3 acres. I have paced that off, figured out how I can make that spring flow around some hills, and in digging that swamp down, have a splendid little lake. I am not one to let the big picture get in the way, as the little brook I intend to create, will be a trout stream, with a pool, rocks as I have seen in the Rockies, and of course have schools of golden and rainbow trout.
I spend hours making the lake in my mind. There are gravel piles, rock piles, sand bars, deep pools, channels. Yes that 3 acres is going to have more character than a hag's old face when I get it done with my backhoes and trucks moving things around.

So I pray about things, pray about it all, and nothing happens. Sort of like Joan of Arc, leading me out of the darkness to strand me on a desert isle, so the promised land is out of reach as there is no walking on the water.

I visited my Uncle who now lives on my Grampa's place, sort of by accident, as I thought I had met him on the road, but it was someone else. So we had a visit. He was talking about my dad and how close they were, and why he wonders why he is still alive. I mentioned about us still looking for a place, but he said he knew of none.

His roof was leaking so I mentioned a government program that might help and got him the address, and some apples. It was then he said if I had some time, so I said what did he have in mind, and he led me to his shed, where he was showing me game mounts he had picked up from Montana as he purchases all kinds of stuff like that.
He then asked if I still trapped, and I said I did. He was showing me a Newhouse trap, worth over 100 dollars and then said he picked up a whole barrel of traps when he was out in Montana years ago, and if I wanted them I could have them.
I offered to buy them, but he did not answer, just rummaged around in the traps, and then kept one I had never seen in an Eazy Set.

We loaded them up and I was digging through them today. Lord it was like a history lesson as I had only read about some of those innovations on traps as the old wolfers cobbled things together. There is quite the assortment and one Newhouse that has the spring snapped. I thought that was impossible, but Nom de Deus, them traps been through hell and back. Them Montana people are a rough lot and then some.

So I don't know how all of this goes. I wanted a place and got a barrel of traps. I don't quite see the correlation in God in a prayer like that in asking one thing and getting another. It is like I asked for beef and got a pair of boots. Both are necessary, but not like they are the same thing.
Uncle mentioned about getting an old license plate painted. I think I might volunteer for that as that is important to him. Odd ass existence I am in as none of it makes a whit of sense.

I always wanted to have some traps to hang by my fireplace in different sizes, well I got some now in these old wolfer traps, but it is the way my life always has gone in once again I got the traps, but I don't have the wall to hang them on.

All I can do is just keep doing good as that is what God expects.  Right now my muddled mind is done trying to figure out how traps equal a place to live. Oh well, nothing like guilt in having someone do good for me, and I can't figure out why, but then that is the way it always is, the gifts I get seem to remind me more of what I do not have, and that always torments me more.

Praise the Lord for His favor and blessing, even though here am I in most states of mind too dense to understand.

Don't think I am supposed to settle for the barrel to live in, as I would need two to fit my length.

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