Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Donald Trump abdicating the Presidency

You're a fine dictator John

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Read my lips: Donald Trump is George H.W. low energy Bush when it comes to border walls.

- Lame Cherry

This is a futile and vain attempt to save the Presidency which God utilized the Lame Cherry to create a time line for in the election of Donald John Trump.
Mr. President has been on a search and destroy mission of his base leadership from Judge Roy Moore and Steve Bannon, and as Matt Drudge cheers in Christian hatred, John Kelly is creating the very 3rd Obama term which would be Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton.

It is no longer just the Lame Cherry stating this, but James Woods to Louie Gohmert are predicting the end of the Trump Presidency over this mismanagement of the Border Wall.

The Daily Caller:
Republicans Will Lose Congress And Trump Will Face Impeachment If The Border Wall Is Not Funded

Congressman, Texas 1st District

This is probably the last assistance the Lame Cherry will provide Mr. President politically, as America will have either have Jeb Trump in the next 3 years of bloated Wall Street rapine or will have President Mike Pence, pardoning Tel Aviv's man in Washington.

As Mr. President in reverse speech noted he is blackmailing Mexico with ICE deportations, the Lame Cherry informs Mr. President to put together Operation Gringo. Simple plan in the President sends tanks across the Rio into Mexico and with trench blades on those tanks, creates a 2000 mile long earthen berm on the Mexican side of the Rio. Call it an American Expeditionary Force to secure the US border.

There can not be any lawsuits or environmental impact suits delaying this wall, as it is military jurisdiction. Donald Trump always says Mexico will pay for the wall, well let Mexico provide the land for it too.

Mine the berm, put razor wire on it, run drones over it, with orders to shoot to kill every coyote and every dope smuggler on sight, with human occupied towers every 10 miles and a 50 caliber automated robotic sentry to shoot anything that crosses that berm. Can not argue with a machine as they are responsible.

In this, Donald Trump keeps his word on the Wall in securing America's southern border and begins building his wall. Mr. President looks Teddy Roosevelt as Commander in Chief for the first time in this Presidency.
Then the President can nether suck John Kelly and his skirt at Homoland all he likes to his ruin.

That is what the Lame Cherry would have accomplished as President, but it seems that it was Chris Christie's people who were feeding Mr. Candidate the salient points of this blog, and once Mr. Christie was disposed of, you will notice that Mr. High Rise has not done anything but blunder from that time.

Donald Trump is on his way to destroying the Republican Party from the inside, just as Webster Griffin Tarpley stated was the cartel agenda in making the GOP a worthless Whig party, and then dividing the democrats into communists and socialists.

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