Friday, January 26, 2018

The Cross and Burden You Bear

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Today's lesson stars the Viking and the Baby Girl for God's Glory melded with the Bible verse, which the Holy Ghost provided below.

Matthew 10:38

And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.

Many people misquote the crosses we are to take up for Christ, but in Matthew, Christ is quite plain in the cross of Christ is following Him in His teachings first, and living this life by those teachings by instinct, not by drudgery.

This story is about a Minnesota blizzard and the bionic Viking who has new metal parts in the joints, so I am not talking about some 20 year old kid who has not whetted the years in life.
The Viking after working a full shift, shoveled out his boss' vehicle, and then the boss and the Viking helped other people get out of the parking lot. As he waited for that fine Mark Dayton to wake up from his sodom nap as governor in murdering Australian women, the  Viking then drove home and helped others stuck in the snow, including a few houses down from his where he was again employing the shovel.

When he arrived home, the Baby Girl, had cleared out the driveway so he could park in the garage.

This is the Christian Life in Jesus Christ in action, of doing things which need doing, because they need to be done, and doing things out of Christian Love, knowing you are not going to get rewarded for them, but doing good, instead of sitting on your ass telling yourself how wonderful you are.

In Matthew 11, the cross is referenced in like terms to the yoke and oxen bears, but Jesus promises something in this burden, in the burden is light and easy. It is easy to do good things, far easier than doing evil things. There is not any burden in a clear conscience, and more to the point, you are uplifted in helping others who in most cases appreciate it, and in some cases do not, but in every case God sees your goodness and will reward you.

Matthew 11:30

For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

It really does not impress me when I return my shopping cart, and other shopping carts in the grocery and to see the management in the son and the father walking by carts and not thanking me. The grandfather I have seen put carts into the store and he thanks me. I am not going to stop doing good though, because even if the people employed there do not notice, I know I am saving them a step, as working in a grocery is a long job that is hard on the legs.
It is the seeing something good which needs to be done, and doing it, because seeing things that need doing and not doing them, is a sin, because you are not employing the service that Jesus set as an example.

This does not mean you are someones slave or to be abused, but it equally does not mean that you get to drop a quarter into the Salvation army pot when you  were getting your second set of teeth and that is your good work for life.
Good works are not self serving, but they serve the Christian to rewards in the treasures of Heaven.

Matthew 11:28

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Every one of us is heavy laden now in the destruction of America, and the idea that Mr. President's idea of making America great again is creating a foreign slave class while his billionaires at Wall Street turn into trillionaires. The Viking sees all that stuff as all of us do, but he still does what is right. He is a fine example of Benjamin Icelandic virtue, born of the plains of Manitoba and settled in Minnesota. Those are the shoulders which built nations which were founded by them.
The Baby Girl is a wonderful scion of her parents in strength, virtue, intelligence and beauty. She is the kindest of hearts like the Viking and like her Mum. They simply do good as best they can as we all do, and there are never any excuses as they live their lives for Christ.

I can in all peoples though share the opposite as two weeks ago in coming home from town I passed a long distance, fat old Minnesota woman in a van. She was doing around 60 miles and hour in being a pest as all long distance Minnesota drivers are in reflecting their robber highway patrols stealing money from people in that state.
So I got fed up with putzing along and passed her. Immediately she awoke and chased me for 10 miles at 70 miles an hour.
It is beyond my comprehension why people can not use cruise control, but there she was finally figuring out the speed limit and then not wanting to be left behind in her crapper Minnesota existence.
So this tourist got a taste of Brier Patch in I try to be good, but as she was on my bumper, I simply at my turn off, put on the blinker, did my own putzing along, and almost came to a full stop before I turned. She was in such a big hurry, she could slow down a little in her speeding.

I hope God sees the humor in my conduct as I was careful to not get assholed, but ride my bumper and you will get slowed down in your tourist trapsing across the highways  I am paying to upkeep.

I of course do not advocate such things, because there is always some idiot out there, but this time someone rude got their results of their rudeness, and she was smoking hot in fury at being slowed down.....but it was ok when she was slowing everyone else down in her self righteous driving.

It is best to be the Viking and the Baby Girl, as those caring gestures are the cross and yoke of Christ which we are to employ as signs of our confession that we are His.........and the Christian will notice in surrendering to Christ, that He and His Holy Angels are doing most of the lifting all of the time. You are no longer carrying the world, but Christ is carrying you.

God bless the Good in the Viking and the Baby Girl in Jesus Name Amen and Amen

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