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Andrew Breitbart finishing what he started from the Grave

I'll finish what I started from the grave.........

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is something all of you must be aware of and keep in mind in the situation of the corruption of the Obama Justice and FBI in rigging the election for Hillary Clinton in the main characters of:

Attorney General Loretta Lynch
Assistant Attorney General Rob Rosenstein
FBI Director James Comey
FBI Agent Peter Strzok
FBI Agent Andrew McCabe
FBI Attorney Lisa Page
Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller

Is that who hired Robert Mueller?

We know that Rosenstein pulled the lever, after Trump rejected Mueller for an appointment earlier, but who was it that called up Rosenstein and said, "Hire Mueller"?

The hiring in this is what this is all about, in what you are seeing are thee expendable frontmen of the deep state. The real interest in this are those who control these civil trolls, to the extent that they knew they had absolute carte blanche to do anything criminal they pleased as Hillary Clinton would be President and no one would ever discover their crimes.

The Lame Cherry desires to lead you back to an exclusive this blog first published and it dealt with the texts of Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, Page and Strzok were texting and laid out perfectly what they were engaged in, in leaking classified materials to the press, and then feeding that material they discovered back to Andrew McCabe.
In this exchange, Page is agitated in her leaks in an article did not contain specifics, but the publish article contained specifics and was concerned it pointed directly back to them.

In a frank examination of Lisa Page, she is a lawyer who goosesteps, but is not that bright in to not step in the goose shit. She appears a minder sent in to Hoover Peter Strzok, as that is how one leads a man around is by their cock and a woman's mouth. Her mouth with those teeth though must have been a dangerous liaison. 
It is in that reality that Page was not the least alarmed that someone who had access to the same information she did, was leaking it to the press, and pointing the finger at Strzok and her. In intelligence work, this would be a strawman drop with Page and Strzok being the exposed sources and the person feeding the real data for the deep state, was the real operative of power, as this person's job was to lay a frame literally pointing at Strzok and Page.
Now why would a deep mole do this? It is simple, as in order to control Hillary Clinton as Donald Trump has been bullied about by John Kelly, there was going to be the same "investigation" by Robert Mueller not just of Donald Trump, but he would discover these same leads of Page and Strzok helping the Hillary Clinton campaign, and in the quid pro quo, Mrs. Clinton would be made and offer she could not refuse in she would conduct the policy of those of the deep state or end up impeached like her husband.
For those who think Hillary Clinton is a real deep state operative, Mrs. Clinton is CIA connected, but she is not the real muscle that moves the world. The Clinton's are allowed to perform their money laundering as long as they benefit their hosts and remember who is the real power in the room.

Mark Levin: ‘There’s No Way in Hell Barack Obama Didn’t Know’ About Disturbing Behavior of FBI

That is what is being lost here in we would be having investigations taking place on all of this to blackmail the guilty Hamrod like Richard Nixon was in Watergate. You would as in James Comey's cover up of Hamrod not hear all the evidence as it would never reach the light of day.

That is why in this the weak links which were exposed are important, as Peter Strzok just did not handle every investigation by chance from Trump to Clinton. Stzok was chosen and Comey signed off on this as did Andrew McCabe as they were told to.
I will repeat they were told to, and Peter Strzok is important in this, as the above group as they are the links to the next step in the puppet masters who do the calling for the masters in the deep state.

There now appears to be real competing investigations as the Inspector General's reputation is on the line, or more to the point his jail cell is reserved if this goes wrong, as he will be guilty of a cover up when the Republicans pressuring on this for Trump's DIA group start exposing real crimes. This check and balance is forcing a reality that people will not just be fired, but Jeff Sessions will no longer be able to provide cover for the deep state operatives involved in this, and that means people will have to go to prison.

There is now FBI Director Chris Wray who got rid of his Obama Chief of Staff for one of his cronies as he circles the wagons in stonewalling Congress for months over these documents, is in himself going to have to start charging people and that is why he wants Devin Nunes memo for cover, as Wray is going to be in the hot seat as to why he had this information that Nunes was given, and the FBI did not investigate nor hand over requests for prosecution.
See it comes down to the deep state which put their people in power, are weighing who is acceptable collateral damage in this, and the two who appear set up from the start to take the fall are the hapless nits of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

What happens if these two get wise, get more scared of Vaseline in the grey bar hotel than of their warnings from Andrew McCabe, and they start talking, or more of their missing and now discovered texts get them into prison and they want a deal for cooperating? One only has to go to the annals of the Clinton Obama history of unique suicides to discover that the deep state protects itself and people who decide to talk, become silenced.

This filters up, because we know exactly what was taking place here politically. These were not Hillary Clinton's people at justice, but are Obama people. image Obama signed off on electing Hillary Clinton for the powers that be, and justice trolls went to work to accomplish that and implicate her, while leaving the Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton tarmac rendezvous as the residual contact for the final deals being cut.

The senior operatives were more insular and in compartmentalized spheres to deny what they knew, but James Comey is the next level and vulnerable, and after him comes Clinton, Jarrett and Obama.

Robert Mueller has already shown how crooked he is, and while he would protect his crooked operations at the cost of innocent people indicted, Mueller has proven that he will cut people to the wind to save himself. He did it with Peter Strzok and once James Comey is thoroughly tainted to be indicted, how long will it be, before Robert Mueller cut the Gordian Knot and the pathetic Comey realizes he was another dupe exposed in this and judged expendable by the deep state. How long before Comey decides that cooperating for a lesser sentence than 20 years to life in Leavenworth is his final epitaph.

You must understand in this, the same thuggery that Robert Mueller has employed on innocent men like Paul Manafort and his family and Mike Flynn  and his family, has numbers of people who are furious in being swept up in this, and they will be looking to put the screws to these prima donas too.

I am not stating that we can expect those at the visible top to be indicted, but what this is about is making you aware that there are weak people who were exposed in this, and those above them like Andrew McCabe to filtering over to Terry Macauliffe who was handing Hillary money to McCabe's wife takes this right into the Clinton family circle, and that means John Podesta and Donna Brazile who has gone on record to protect Obama and will turn on the Clintons.

It is that unraveling where the deep state as in monitoring Ron Brown before he took an ice pellet to the head  to silence him, hears these exposed trolls in their homes and on lamenting on their phones. They know who the problems are and who will break. That is what is being monitored as those who thought they had protectors, instead had keepers who will throw them over to feed the sharks to save the system.

Hell of a place to be, but this is serious enough that lame back fires are being set to try and smear the Republicans to head off what is coming, and that means the Molovtov Mob of skinheads has gotten the call and told to get out and start a narrative to earn their whore wages.
That is a sign that the Mockingbird is shifting and become engaged in protection mode to attempt to keep this from driving fast to the Clintons and Obamas, after some fledgling starts chattering to save themselves.

In times past, the Clintons and Obamas controlled the entire apparatus. This time there are holes in it, as the same DIA is punching a narrative to feed Sara Carter and via Sean Homo Hannity a story which is beginning to permeate news outlets on top from the New York Post to ABC.  Donald Trump's benefactors at DIA have to keep him in power to save themselves. The cartel has signed off on the Soros upward Stock Market, so the tide of battle is turning and if this pushes correctly the CIA outlets will begin a narrative of sacrificing the Obama House Plumbers. No it will not be some deluded woman like Evelyn Farkas, but it will be these exposed individuals who will be told to shut up, ride out the indictment, hope for some kind of jury deal and survive this as they do not want to experience the alternative.

Trump was at Davos for a reason to promise the 30 pieces of silver. The memo will be released after the State of the Union, what follows is the drama which has been worked out, and in this the realization of people who thought they were so powerful, that they were only rats in the maze and were made expendable two years ago, as that is why they were put into those positions.

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