Monday, January 8, 2018

The Latest on the Mind of Trump: Reverse Speech

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

These are the latest reversals from David John Oates on the Rense program.

It's late and I better get on home, but the Trump reversals are insightful as someone, as there is more to the Trump is nuts deep state stories as Donald Trump knows he has to resist what is being waged against him in this coup or "he will have to get the therapy". Somewhere in this, it appears he has been told  by John Kelly and Ivanka that if this coup works on the 25th Amendment that he will be forced to get therapy or be removed from office. The President understands he has to resist this or they will commit him to get rid of him. That is the last thing America needs is a President talking to a shrink about his feelings.

Donald will  blackmail Mexico with ICE and for those who think Mr. President is telling you the truth on things, he literally said in a reversal that he made things up when it came to building a world consensus for America's interest.
Something is going on with Saudi Arabia

In this Trump mentions Obama in connection  with nuclear North Korea and of all things Herbert McMaster focuses on Obama in a "new kind of threat" and in "dealing with Obama". McMaster is a Soros McCain stooge, head of the NSA and they have the image in their sights as a threat.

Nikki Haley, reveals that America is working with a German lead to run covert operations against Iran. For those who missed the Lame Cherry exclusive years ago in the Stuxnet virus sent against Iran, this blog stated that the Jews built that virus, it was delivered to Iran by Germany for America to hinder the Iranian nuclear program. Haley indicates an operation is already moving forward against Iran.

Donald Trump

Mexico will pay for wall - I got ICE that's fine

Build a partnership to protect our national interests - I made it up

Great reawakening of America, patriotism, pride - Resist or get the therapy

To counter Iran to get a nuclear weapon - Oh God

Countries reimburse America - Serve me

Met with 100 world leaders, Saudi Arabia - They buried us.

Great partnership, protects America - They'll give eye witness

I'm not messing around with Korea - Fear of it Obama

Theresa May

On the issue of radical Islam - We shit you not

Nikki Haley
Ban all nuclear weapons in North Korea - We're a babysitter

Iran move forward on the missiles - We shall send the mud

Conversations with Security Council on Iran - He's the German

image Obama

Good to be back in Berlin - I'm innocent

My hope was to get 100% people healthcare - So damn you


International - Forced issue (Oz to become Republic)

Herbert McMaster

Russia foment lack of confidence - And this little fuck

Russia to work together - See the muscler

This new kind of threat - The ways to deal with Obama

Louis Alazondo

Pentagon man who ran 22 million dollar Project Blue Book

Giving his eyewitness testimony - Deal with option we know I'm assassin

We have equipment to know what it is - More specific

Can't speak for department - There's a science

Potential for WMD - Is it shit money

One thing nebulous - They will fuck

Hillary Clinton

Spend all of your time - Lost we won

I wanted to understand it - Get money, oh a hundred, buy help.

I had to write and go lie down - I would have done it

The Russians were much more involved - So it won

Gen. Robert Neller

Make them pay - I'm going to go with guts

Thank you for what you do, Semper Fidelis - Violent your advised

If anything bad happens - Love your Air Force

Thank you for your support - When they spy they forget

Mossad Yousef

Where does your legitimacy come from - We're all members of allah

Leonardo DiCaprio

Get involved and make a difference - Our shadow we're in the garden